Sew Valley Designs New Look for Cincinnati Pops

Sew Valley Designs New Look for Cincinnati Pops

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A regional resource for Cincinnati's fashion designers is joining forces to create new jackets for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Conductor John Morris Russel gets measured. (Photo courtesy of Cincinnati Symphony)

Sew Valley and Cincinnati Pops are teaming up to create a new look for the group’s talented musicians. Cincinnati Pops is a group at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra that strives to be a dynamic orchestra in the heart of the city with an ambitious and diverse group of musicians.

Then there’s Sew Valley, an organization that offers regional resources when it comes to helping designers and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry build a brand for a sewn product or fashion line.

Together the two groups will work to design and manufacture new Pops jackets in their signature Pops Red color.

Although it may seem like a long way off, the jackets will be revealed, new look and all, at the Pops Holiday Concerts on December 13, 14, and 15. 

The jackets are still in the pre-production stages but you can follow along with their progress and see the jackets as they come to life on Instagram and Facebook.