Covid Response Store

Covid Response Store

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As the world reopens, social distancing is still important. See how a local graphic designer launched an online shop to help those distancing and also support vital frontline workers.

Social distancing played a significant role in flattening the curve and helping to slow the spread of COVID-19. To encourage that continued social distancing while also supporting the frontline heroes who have been there all along, Angela Reuss launched the Covid Response Store. 

“Covid Response store is a clothing and accessory line that is geared toward social distancing and honoring our first responders during the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Reuss. “Profits from the sales are going to the Covid Response Fund.

Reuss says she wanted to launch this line after seeing the extreme measures people were going through while getting the essentials during the height of the outbreak. 

“People who had to go out to buy essentials, especially the elderly and immunocompromised, were going through extreme measures to ensure safe social distancing, such as wearing inflatable costumes and swimming pool noodles,” she says. “So as a graphic designer, I felt that I could help these people by creating a clothing line that will make the statement for people so they don’t have to go through such extreme measures, or worry about directly offending anyone.”

Not only did Reuss find inspiration in those who were venturing out for the essentials, she says that while she was sitting at home on the stay-at-home order, safely away from the Covid-19 haos, she couldn’t help but empathize with the first responders and essential workers who were continually risking their lives and suffering without protective gear.

“I felt that I needed to do something to help them,” says Reuss. “So I decided to donate the profits to the Covid Response Fund, which provides the much needed supplies, research, and protective gear for the first responders.”

Although Reuss is running the show on her own, she credits her children, mother, and close friends with their help on the project as well. 

There are a variety of t-shirts and other gear and accessories available through the Covid Response Store with phrases including:

  • “Don’t Stand so Close to Me”
  • “Social Distancing- All the Cool Kids are doing it” 
  • “Back Away from this Bod” 
  • “Social Distance”- God”

Also available are hoodies, tank tops, kid and baby apparel, bags, phone cases, and other accessories.

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