Doulas of Cincinnati

Doulas of Cincinnati

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Learn about a local practice with 11 doulas (and growing) to help clients through the beginning stages of parenthood.

Bringing a child into the world isn’t easy. Here to make it a little easier is Emily Johnson and Katie Brenner, co-founders of Doulas of Cincinnati. “We have a combined 16 years of experience working with new and expectant families,” says Johnson. 

What is a doula? “A doula is a trained, non-medical, professional who seeks to reduce fear and instill strength in the families he or she serves, throughout the childbearing year and beyond, Johnson explains, “conception through several months postpartum.”

A doula provides three different categories with caring for patients:

• Physical: Think touch massage, counter pressure, supporting various infant feeding positions, position changes, etc.
• Informational: Answers to various questions about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum recovery and newborn behaviors, personal referrals to tangential providers, etc. 
• Emotional Support: A safe space for vulerability, listening vaidation, etc.

Launched in 2016, Doulas of Cincinnati meets their clients in their homes, but their Group Classes are held at TriHealth Pavilion. There are currently 11 doulas at the practice and they’re looking for more. 

The inspiration behind the practice came from busy schedules between Johnson and Brenner. “Katie and I had both worked as independent doulas before launching our agency. Living life on-call 24/7 is not for the faint of heart and most definitely took a toll on our families and our personal well-being. Add to that, we were fully booked every month and regularly turning folks away,” Johnson recalls. “Launching the agency allowed for us to serve more families with the same standard of care and provided built-in backup with our shared call model. Launching our agency has provided true sustainability in a historically short-tenured field.”

They also want to provde a healthy environment for their doulas. “We were also passionate about something that sought to eliminate doula burnout in general, not just our own,” she says. “Providing work for the doulas on our team so that they can make a living doing what they love was a huge motivator.”

There are a wide variety of doula services provided through Doulas of Cincinnati and they include: childbirth and parenting education, birth doula support, Postpartum and infant care doula support, sleep consulting, dedicated team of certified infant feeding specialists and an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, Postpartum placenta encapsulation, Postpartun belly binding and maternity, birth and newborn photography.

The mission of Doulas of Cincinnati is “providing Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s new and expectant parents with professional, experienced and unbiased support through the childbearing year and beyond,” Johnson says. “We are committed to each family’s personal goals and wishes helping to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable transition into new parenthood.”

The practice is unique because they are 100 percent focused on client experience, Johnson says. “We are not trying to change the culture of birth in our client’s delivery room. We are not trying to force a parenting ideal on our clients when we’re with them in their homes,” she adds. “Our job is not to ‘fix’ societal issues one-by-one with each of our clients. We are there for them. Wherever they are.”

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