Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition

Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition

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Learn about a local nutrition club that helps improve your nutrition, fitness and immunity.

A health club in the Crescent Springs area wants to help improve the well being of their clients from the inside out.

Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition is “A nutrition club which is a social gathering place where people focus on good nutrition and regular exercise in order to achieve optimum health,” Angela Butcher, Sole Proprietor of Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition, says. “We promote a healthy, active lifestyle.”

Located at 2511 Anderson Road, Crescent Springs, KY 41017, the business has been around for nine years this year. 

The inspiration behind starting Embodiment came from the lifestyle that Butcher was living. “I had a horrible diet and some digestive issues because of it. I started to learn better eating habits and incorporated some of the products we sell,” she says. “I feel better and wanted to share the benefits with others.” The name of the business came because “I wanted a place where we talk, offer services and try to promote the idea of wellness as a whole through nutrition and other facets,” Butcher says. “There are a wide variety of products offered through Embodiment. “People can come in a get a meal replacement or a snack. Our combos come with a meal replacement, protein-based shake, a metabolism-boosting green tea and a shot of aloe, which soothes the digestive tract,” she says. “We also have electrolyte drinks, immune boosters and many other options.”

The success of Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition is defined by whether or not their clients are happy. She loves “seeing people come in with smiles, others coming in without smiles, but leaving us with a smile,” Butcher says. She also loves to see “people running into old friends and others making new friends,” Butcher says. They love “building a community around health,” she says. 

The mission of the business is to help their clients feel their best. Butcher’s goal is to assist people in making choices that improve their lives in a healthy way. “We motivate and encourage others to help them stick to their goals,” Butcher says. 

Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition is unique because they are a true community. “It’s a place where people build friendships, they can unload problems, vent, get advice from others, tealk, listen and network – all around a healthy meal,” she says. 

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