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Findlay Yoga

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Learn about a new yoga studio that helps you find a little zen in the busy, chaotic heart of the city (and life).

Findlay Yoga is a new yoga studio around the corner from Findlay Market.

There is an up and coming yoga practice pening right around the corner from Findlay Market. Findlay Yoga is a place where people can connect with themselves and the community around them. There are currently 15 yoga instructors, including Lara Rice, Partner and Yoga Teacher at Findlay Yoga, and her husband, Matt.

Rice was inspired to start Findlay Yoga from a sense of friendship and community around Findlay Market. “A beautiful studio space became available and was offered to us. The core idea was to bring together the teachers that inspire us through their connection to spirit (soul-full teachers),” she says. “More than movement, yoga is about unity…about living a good life by being a good person.” The practice wants to create a space without humiliation and judgment, according to Rice. 

There are a wide variety of classes offered throughout the week and they include: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Rocket, Yin, Restorative, Urban Zen, Hatha and Kundalini. “Findlay Yoga’s first series begins Sunday, June 2 with Queer Yoga in the Queen City: Pride Edition with Trisha Durham,” Rice says. “The second Saturday in June, we’ll host our first sound journey led by Max Raphael. We’re just getting started.”

Findlay Yoga admires the yoga studios and studio owners in the Cincinnati area and wants to bring the yoga community together. “We have a large space and heartfelt teachers who want to make the world a better place,” she says.

Rice says her favorite part of doing yoga is that it affects her life off of the mat. She incorporates “the spiritual practice of the yamas and niyamas into my daily decisions, staying conscious in the moment as I move about in my day,” Rice says. “Am I coming from love? Am I causing harm?” 

She doesn’t just love mental side of yoga, she also loves practicing her breathing,” Rice says. “My favorite part of the physical practice of asana is the rest at the end of practice, savasana. But my absolute favorite part of yoga is the place at the bottom of the breath where everything is calm and free…where I can lose the mask of self and just be.” 

Rice loves coming back to Findlay Yoga everyday because she gets to experience peace in the midst of chaos, she says. “This isn’t my full-time job, but I come back to yoga everyday because it keeps me sane in this chaotic world. It keeps me connected to other human beings and keeps me humble and compassionate,” Rice says. 

If you want to keep up with what Findlay Yoga is doing, follow them on FacebookInstagram and their website coming soon.