Five Ways to Spark Your Focus

Five Ways to Spark Your Focus

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Spring is a time for rebirth, new life and emerging from that winter slumber. Our life coach columnist has five ways to help.

All signs point to spring being on its way. And I don’t know about you, but I am super excited to begin planting seeds both in the ground and in my life.

Last week we spoke about Winter Blues, so this week let’s get ready to release those winter blues and spring into what’s next for you.

Spring is such a powerful awakening in so many ways. Not only for the planet but also for you personally – a perfect time for new growth and new beginnings. The flowers come alive, trees are budding, and the color of brown is now awakening to green. And you are awakening to longer days, warmer temperatures, and infinite possibilities for you and the future.

Take a closer look at what the change of season into spring may offer for you. The opportunity to begin again, have a fresh start, or maybe a do-over. Take a close look at all areas of your life including health, money, relationships, spirituality, and perhaps your career. If you’ve been feeling stuck or stalled in any area this is time to begin again. Think of one area that you really want to focus on and create a “plan” to move forward. Here aresome ideas to spark your focus:

– A new wellness program to begin to reclaim your healthfor longevity and vitality

– A savings plan for home renovations and/or redecorating

– Reaching out to a friend you’d like to reconnect with and catch up

– Hiring an organizer to help you get your office finally out from all those piles of paper and the clutter

– Plan a summer vacation to somewhere you’ve always dreamed about going

Start by taking some form of action because that will bring more opportunities and clarity you may not see in the moment. What better time to begin then in this magical time of spring while excitement, happiness and joy is in the air with another new birth of infinite possibilities.

The time is now for you to step fully into the next best version of yourself — Find Your Own DRIVE and go from stuck to unstoppable.

Sending you love and light,