Gem City SoberBar

Gem City SoberBar

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Learn about a local pop-up mocktail bar helping you enjoy alcohol-free celebrations, connections and community.

Kristen Domke is no stranger to addiction. She’s battled the addiction of alcohol and has since been sober for nearly 18 months. In the midst of finding her sobriety, she wanted to offer a community for others like her. 

That’s when she came up with the idea of Gem City SoberBar, a sober bar that’s “popping up” all over Dayton and surrounding areas. 

“Gem City SoberBar fills the gap between coffee shops and bars,” says Domke. “We exist to bring an atmosphere that no one has ever experienced before that focuses on providing mocktails, music, and so much more. We are open to all genders, ages, races, and religions. We want to be a safe space to go to have a great time and make community through connection.”

When developing her business idea, Domke says that she wanted to offer something that would encourage connection with human beings, while also being out and about in different atmospheres. As a music lover, she also wanted to create something that incorporated that. “I wanted to encompass not just sobriety, butan artistic, healthy way to create connections while having a blast,” she adds.

There is nothing quote like Gem City SoberBar in the region. “Our mocktails are crafted to perfection for you, we want to make this an experience you will never forget,” she says.

Gem City SoberBar currently operates out of Dayton. “As we are a pop-up bar popping up at different locations, we do not have a specific space,” says Domke. “We are always up for being booked for your next baby shower, graduation, party, etc.”

The goal at Gem City SoberBar is to open a brick-and-mortar location in the next 2-3 years, but before that, Domke wants to help spread the word about the business by booking events, pop-ups, feedback, and securing new partners.

There are people all over the Dayton area that are helping to make Gem City SoberBar a versatile business in traveling to customers while also offering something for everyone at all of its events.

The menu at Gem City SoberBar includes mocktails and coffee. 

“Currently we have our favorite, a spinoff of the Moscow Mule, and our Clean Comfort – sponsored by CLEAN Cause drinks,” she says. “We like to change it up a bit from pop-up to pop-up and from event to event. We want to give customers a sense of wonder, as well as continuing to make our menu grow. We enjoy seeing which mocktails are a hit and which ones maybe we should give a rest.”

Domke says she’s currently planning a few pop-ups in the coming month. “With those, we are looking for partners, as well as locations and would love to work with anyone on that,” she says. “We are also working to put together a focus group, for feedback and more information on what you, the people, would like to see in the future from Gem City SoberBar.”

To learn more about Gem City SoberBar, you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram. You can also send an email at to be put on the mailing list, want added to the focus group, or want information on how Gem City SoberBar is growing and how you can help volunteer at events.