Glute Girl

Glute Girl

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Learn about this local booty-sculpting guru and see how she helps clients see a perkier posterior and improved wellbeing - inside and out.

Not only are glam glutes en vouge, (thanks, Kardashians) but they also keep the body stabilized, relieve lower back tension, and protect you from injury in daily activities.

That’s why Tawnia Justice launched Glute Girl, “a program designed to strengthen the Glutes and posterior chain, back of legs and glutes” Justice explains, “as well as shaping the Glutes to look their best at any age.”

Justice currently has a gym in the small suburban village of Madeira and has been doing personal and small group training for 38 years. 

The inspiration behind starting Glute Girl came from her lifestyle. “I am a mother of seven, having had all of them within nine years. With that and the fact that I am now 57 years young, I have always felt the back side is not trained hard enough, frequently enough and more importantly, properly,” she says.

Justice offers a variety of different services through Glute Girl. “At the present time, I do one-on-one training at the gym and in people’s homes,” she says. “In the very near future, my website will be up and running- where you will be able to purchase training sessions monthly, with fitness and nutritional advice given as well. Justice’s mission for Glute Girl is “to open people’s minds to let them see and know their full potential and experience their personal best!”

Glute Girl is different from other businesses because Justice has lived out what her clients are going through. “I know how it works and I’m not 24 years old; my age and life experiences have taught me a lot, way more than any textbook can,” Justice says. “Also, I want to teach clients how to use their body and the equipment in a way that works for their unique body and for the look they want to achieve, not what someone else thinks they need.”

Success with the business is determined by her clients. “For me, success is being on that path that is taking you to better places, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually,” she says. “It is taking a focused, personal interest in your life and health and investing in you!”

Justice loves to inspire her clients and make a difference in their lives. Justice loves “inspiring people to see the better side of themselves and the potential they have with,” she says.

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