Happiness in Sickness: A Coloring Book for Bored Patients

Happiness in Sickness: A Coloring Book for Bored Patients

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Learn about the local woman who was inspired to create a coloring book that brings joy to those who need it most.

The local owner of a card company recently launched a coloring book that brings a little sunshine into the dark days of sickness.

Happiness in Sickness is “a coloring book with inspirational and snarky lettered messages geared towards those stuck in a hospital bed for one reason or another,” says Keli Spanier, Owner of Colette Paperie. 

The inspiration behind creating the book came from seeing the people she loves in the hospital. “I wanted to create a different kind of activity to help with the boredom and unease that comes with being sick or being in palliative care,” she says. 

The book was published in June 10, 2019 and she desires for it to be sold in hospital gift shops. “This is the exact place to find something unique, instead of the usual teddy bears and balloons,” Spanier says. 

The book has designs that were created by Spanier herself. She has experience with teaching calligraphy and lettering. “It’s always fun to try new styles of lettering. With my card business, I have a bit of a niche going, where inspirational sayings don’t necessarily fit in, so I wanted to find a way to bring those together,” she says. “I have a graphic design background already, so it came pretty naturally.” Spanier creates new designs regularly, so she wanted the coloring book to focus on inspirational and funny sayings. 

The book was so important for her to create because patients in the hospital need more joy. “My greeting card business has championed funny cards to bring others joy when they need it the most and its success has made me see things in a bigger perspective,” she says. “I’m looking for more ways to delve into kindness and what happens when we go the extra mile for those around us.”

Happiness in Sickness is a unique coloring book, in the midst of the many books that have been published. “My hope is that this book creates some joy when it’s only boredom and endless checkups,” Spanier says. “I also hope to create something more unique to give as a gift than the standard gift shop items.”

Her favorite part of working on the coloring book was thinking about how the book will positively impact the lives of patients who use the book. She was “thinking about what someone needs to hear when they’re in bed and lonely and funny sayings and things that would perk someone up,” Spanier says. 

If you want to buy, Happiness in Sickness: A Coloring Book for Bored Patients, you can buy it on Amazon. Also, follow her greeting card business’ website.