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Harvest Market

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After living in Hawaii, a Cincinnati native couple moved back to open the doors of a re-imagined convenience store, offering healthy, locally grown products. Read on for more.

Harvest Market sells fresh, local products at its location in Milford.

From the Aloha State to the Queen City, Ben and Maureen Redman are inspired by their travels and their time living and farming in Hawaii.

As Cincinnati natives, they’re familiar with the needs of the city, but have grown since they helped farm a 5-acre organic farm on the island of Kauai. Today, they’re the owners of Harvest Market, a re-imagined convenience store with a focus on health convenience and local goods, similar to what you’d find at a farmer’s market.

“We say re-imagined because today most convenience stores you go into offer the same national brand products they’ve offered for the last 30-plus years, that offer little in terms of nutrition,” explains Maureen Redman.

At Harvest Market, you’ll find a focus on selling healthy convenience items such as snack items with non-gmo ingredients, free from additives, preservatives, dyes, and refined sugars, as well as grab-n-go foods that are made in-house like sandwiches, dips, salads, soups, and healthy hot lunch specials.

Additionally, items like organic smoothies, a coffee bar with coffee from local roaster La Terza, craft beer and wine, and local items such as candles, honey, granola, locally raised meat and eggs, and more.

“We personally curate all the goods sold in the store and have a variety of locally made food and gifts from over 50 local vendors,” says Redman.

In addition to their time in Hawaii, the Redmans have a past in healthy living. Maureen worked as a personal chef with a focus on farm-to-table meals and her husband Ben taught yoga and did Thai yoga therapy on Kauai.

“We modeled Harvest Market after many of the little bodegas and independently owned markets we have experienced,” says Redman. “We also fest the Midwest was in need of a place where people would stop quickly and get healthy products instead of having to run to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Jungle Jims, as well as offering products found at a farmer’s market – made available 7 days a week through our market.”

The store gets fresh farm deliveries every Tuesday and Friday, so, with the help of Local Food Connection, Harvest Market has been able to source from more than 30 different farms since opening its doors. Fresh bread deliveries from Blue Oven also come in every Tuesday and Saturday.

Like other convenience stores, Harvest Market allows customers to stop in and find something quickly – but what makes them stand out is the items you’ll find to grab on the go are going to fuel your body.

“We pride ourselves on focusing on genuinely friendly customer care, making Harvest Market a place where everyone is welcome,” says Redman.

Redman says that Harvest Market wants to keep growing its offering of local products and local collaboration – this includes more local bakery “takeovers” where Harvest Market features local baked goods and well as doing more food truck pop-ups.

Harvest Market is located at 308 Main Street in Milford. “We feel blessed to be a part of a thriving small business community in downtown, historic Milford,” says Redman.

The store is also close to Milford’s trailhead to the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail, and when the season allows, they are able to cater to trail riders.

To learn more about Harvest Market, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.