Herban Tea Cafe, Ltd.

Herban Tea Cafe, Ltd.

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Read about the health and wellness journey of one local entrepreneur who wants to help others find their pathway to a healthier lifestyle one sip at a time.

Anna Alexander is a wife, daughter, confidant, sister, aunt, and believer in the healing powers of the Earth’s most powerful resource – plants. She’s also the owner of Herban Tea Cafe, Ltd., which she launched in May 2018 as a way to share something that she was passionate about – taking her health and well-being into her own hands. 

“Herban Tea Cafe – pronounced ur-buhn – is a local mobile tea atelier, specializing in hand-crafted wellness herbal tea blends that help promote and sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, while also satisfying taste buds,” explains Alexander. “We believe that empowering communities and sharing healthy habits is essential to a physical and social wellbeing.”

Alexander says the journey to what would become Herban Tea Cafe started in her kitchen, where she began blending and reaching for simple, yet effective herbs and teas that would help her to reclaim her power of her health and body. 

“Inspired by close friends and relatives, my luxury herbal tea blends are carefully crafted with the customer in mind, who may also be searching for a healthy balance to a fast-paced lifestyle, which often leads to less self-care and unhealthy habits,” she says. 

All of the herbs from Herban Tea Cafe are ethically-sourced, all-natural, and vegan-friendly. 

“Our mission is to share our experience and knowledge gained from each her and our intention is that when you choose one of our herbal tea blends, you submerge yourself into a burst of blended herbal notes and aromas, while also extracting the benefits of a healthy practice of slowing down to savor each moment,” says Alexander.

The main focus at Herban Tea Cafe are herbal teas, however, Alexander says that she also wants to provide sustainable packaging that helps protect and sustain the herbs she sells while creating an apothecary appearance. 

“As we continue our journey, we anticipate also offering limited coffee- and wine-inspired tea blends to highlight the aromatic flavors of both beverages equally enjoyed but with twice the health benefits,” says Alexander.

With the year ahead of her, Alexander says she’s looking forward to sharing some of her favorite blends with the city while sharing her journey of herbal wellness this coming spring. 

You can keep up with Herban Tea Cafe on their Instagram account and see future launch dates and their wholesale stock list on their website.