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Hi Fi Yoga

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Learn about a Mason-based yoga studio that focuses on practices that build strength and stamina, but also clear the mind.

Hi Fi Yoga offers high intensity, hot, warm, and non-heated yoga as well as aerial yoga and buti yoga.

Most yoga practices will help you build strength and clear your mind, but one Mason based yoga studio puts it in high gear. Hi Fi Yoga, to be exact.

Hi Fi Yoga is “a boutique yoga studio offering high intensity hot, warm and non-heated yoga along with aerial yoga, and buti yoga, with music at the core, our studio curates old and new playlists to fuel you through your practice,” Tommy Moorman, co-owner of Hi Fi Yoga, LLC, says. “We also offer really creative flows-expect the unexpected with each class!” 

Hi Fi Yoga opened in November of 2018 and has eight full-time instructors and 12 substitute instructors.

The inspiration behind starting the practice was Lori Allen, Moorman’s business partner, seeing other practices that were lower energy than he wanted to see. “Music was low or safe, experience was uncomfortable or too quiet. We wanted a studio that exemplified us, good energy, love for music  and community,” Moorman says. “”We want to tear down the misconception that all yoga is spiritual. It can be and that is fine for others. For us, it’s all about the physical practice to not only build strength and stamina, but also clear the mind.”

The name for the practice came from the music industry, “Hi Fi stands for high fidelity in the music world and we’ve reapplied it as an acronym for high intensity fitness yoga,” he says. “Music is a big deal with our studio. We play our music loud in the yoga rooms. In the café/lounge area, we have a turntable for our clients to choose what record they want to play when hanging out before or after class.”

There are a variety of classes offered through Hi Fi Yoga and they are: Hot Power Yoga, Warm Vinyasa Flow, Warm Beginner Yoga, Slo Flo Yoga, Hi Fi Yin, Hi Barre and Hi Fi Float (Ariel Yoga).

The practice defines success through clients having a positive experience. “It is our goal for clients to walk away with that yoga high. There’s nothing better than seeing one of our yogis get into their first handstand or try a new pose for the first time,” Moorman says. “Success is helping our clients realize how strong they truly are and what their body is capable of.” 

The mission of the practice to help people realize how powerful they are, both physically and mentally, Moorman says. Hi Fi “We are yoga for misfits,” he adds. “Yoga can be intimidating at first, especially for men and we’ve created an environment where it really is cool to just come and be yourself without judgment. We treat everyone like family and genuinely support each other and our diverse backgrounds and experience.” 

Moorman says he loves to interact with the people that come into the practice and that’s what gets him to come back to work everyday. “I love hearing about the impact a regular yoga practice is having on your clients’ lives, from helping them de-stress to getting physically stronger or losing weight,” he says. “Also, knowing the community we are building is helping our members form new connections and feel they truly belong.”

Hi Fi Yoga is located at 7900 Mason Montgomery Rd, Mason, Ohio 45040. To learn more, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.