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An eco-and beginner-friendly yoga studio and community is opening soon in the Tri-State area. Keep reading for all the details.

Honor Yoga is making its way to Cincinnati to offer a new yoga experience.

A new yoga studio with a unique concept will open soon in the Cincinnati area.

“Founded in 2013 by health and wellness veteran, Maria Turco and franchising since 2016, Honor Yoga is an eco-and beginner-friendly yoga studio and community that welcomes and nourishes every yogi trough their practice,” says Carey Curran, co-owner of Honor Yoga.

Honor Yoga has been around since 2013, with over 300 people working for the practice. There are also multiple locations in the United States: New Jersey, North Carolina, California, Florida, Indiana and Ohio. In Ohio, they are currently located in Cleveland, but they are looking to open a practice in the Cincinnati area. “No lease has been signed as of yet, but we are eyeing locations in Montgomery, Mason and West Chester,” she says.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a passion “to provide accessible yoga and meditation programs to elevate communities by helping people keep their minds, bodies and selves healthy,” Curran says. The name of the practice came from Honor Yoga’s mission for people to honor their minds, self and bodies. 

The practice offers a variety of services and they include: gentle, roots, calm and strong, slow flow, flow, power flow, aerial, yoga barre and meditation. “Each class is designed to fulfill the five pillars of yogic practice to relax the mind, restore balance and build strength and flexibility,” she says. Honor Yoga also offers retreats, workshops, online streaming yoga classes and hosts a non-profit arm, Honor Yoga Foundation. 

The practice makes an impact in the community through the Honor Yoga Foundation. It “provides grants to all Honor Yoga locations throughout the country to bring yoga programs to those who need it and may not be able to afford it,” Curran says. The practice is unique because it offers services for kids, individuals and families, and they range from classes in aerial to meditation. 

Curran’s favorite part of working for Honor Yoga is the people. She loves “building a community that is supportive, beginner-friendly and accessible to everyone,” she says.

The most memorable moment of Honor Yoga so far has been working with people with brain injuries. “These are people who have been competitive athletes to successful business people. Initially, they feel frustrated with their injury, almost trapped in a twilight zone,” Curran says. “When they are able to progress physically and mentally as a result of their yoga practice, smile, express extreme joy and thank us, there is nothing more rewarding. This is a cause that is very important to us, as John, her husband, suffered a stroke himself ten years ago.”

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