Letting Hope Float

Letting Hope Float

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Our life coach columnist shares a personal story about how her mother, a three-time cancer survivor, uses setbacks to fuel her hope and drive for her future.

Who do you know that’s been affected by cancer? Cancer isn’t something you can ignore, and it will not go away. Some lose their battle while others win. Some go in remission and others continue the fight. And if they find themselves fortunate to be a three-time survivor they rise and go into service to support others.

This story is a story of triumph. A woman who has had breast cancer three times in her life. First time treatment was radiation, the second time was partial mastectomy, and a final battle with a double mastectomy.

But this story isn’t about her surviving, it’s what she did with her life from the initial diagnoses.

Her first reaction was “I won’t be around for my kids. I can’t have that.” And as she looked for answers she found the radiation was the way to go. At the age of 48, her treatments began. Following the treatments, she decided she wanted to help others and entered a nine-month program to earn her LPN (licensed practical nurse) certificate so she could offer patient care. At 50, she began this career.

For close to 30 years she was in service in the medical field, but sadly in between, the cancer came back. Not once but twice. She kept her faith and a battle cry to be a survivor and is still with us today at the age of 85.  

This amazing woman is my mother.

I share this story with you to encourage and enlighten you around trusting and knowing.  When you can believe in the process regardless of the direction you might be going, it’s how you spend that time.

Goals are always the focal point and needed to give you direction, yet the loving the process and really being in the moment along the journey brings bigger dividends.

As I have watched many other family members battle cancer and survive, and for others who lost their battle, seeing how they spend their moments in-between have been significantly different.  

Life’s journey comes with plot twist and U-turns, and you don’t always know what the outcome will be, but the way you can conditioning your mind may impact how things turn out.

I’ll leave you with this.

From the movie Hope Float at the end she says “…beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most. Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning. Just give hope a chance to float up. And it will…”