Losing Your Drive?

Losing Your Drive?

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Have big goals but feeling exhausted, unfocused and unmotivated to reach them lately? Our life coach columnist has helpful advice.

What happens when you lose your drive before you hit the finish line? How can you find your own drive when all else fails? Lately, this is one of the most common concerns with my clients and I wanted to offer some support. And, yes, it happens to me as well.

You begin by striving to reach a goal, you set the intention, you see the outcome, you visualize what happens and as you move from day to day you become really exhausted, unfocused and unmotivated. BUT you are so close to getting what you desire and yet you lose your drive. Why? And what can you do?

First, you can stop all together. Yes, stop putting pressure on yourself to achieve that goal. If it just doesn’t seem attainable or you just don’t want to keep moving forward, then stop. Then give yourself permission to reevaluate. Maybe this isn’t the true goal you desire. Perhaps you are misaligned with what you want to achieve.

For example, relate this to health and wellness. You may want to reach a weight to be a certain size or for an event, and you do so but soon after you find your way back to the weight you started.  Why is that? Because you were aligned with the energy of wanting it for only a specific time. If you realign and consider being healthy and well not only aligns with being at a healthyweight it also is for longevity and vitality.  The bigger focus. 

How can you align your energy?  Think about something you did that brought you so much joy and happiness – marriage, baby, college degree, bought a home – and when you remember that with the joy and excitement, how you felt good, and others were cheering you on, that exact energy level is what you want to match in this new goal. The inspiration, jazz and motivation you felt when you reached that goal is the secret sauce.

This goes back to how you do one thing is how you can do all things.  When you align with your energy of what you do welland bring that energy into your new goals, you’ll see how you can keep your drive all the way to the finish line.

As a mantra you can say “I am good at -this- so I am even better at -that-!” Start today and get the clarity and support that will keep you focused and motivated to drive confidently to that finish line.