Main Street Yoga

Main Street Yoga

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Learn about one of the city’s original yoga studios and how it continues to adapt as a local wellness center.

Main Street Yoga offers retreats, studio classes, and private yoga classes.

There is a yoga studio in the Cincinnati area that has been around for over a decade. The studio has been around since May of 2004 with three instructors currently. 

The inspiration behind starting Main Street Yoga came from a tragic event. “I was inspired after 9/11 to create a space to release fear and calm the mind,” Nancy Willman, Owner and Instructor of Main Street Yoga, says. “It has since developed into more of a wellness center, specializing in individual needs.” 

Main Street Yoga knows how to meet the needs of every client that comes into their studio. “It is unique because we specialize in individual needs, rather than large classes,” she says. “It is also in a beautiful, spacious 2,000 square foot loft, full of windows, light and a view of OTR.”

There are a wide range of classes offered at the facility:

Private Classes

  • Meditation- “Helps a student to go within and calm the mind, be present and accepting,” Willman says. 
  • Yoga for Scoliosis/Lower Back Pain– “A few class session that provides a series of poses that help realign and release pain for those with scoliosis and lower back pain,” she says. 
  • Ayurvedic Consultation- “Provide a reading of ones dosha to help provide diet, poses, mantra, etc., for that person’s individual dosha,” Willman says. 

Studio Classes

  • Restorative Yoga- “A class that is provided to help release stress and calm the mind while stretching the body gently,” she says. 
  • Alignment Yoga: “A class that makes a student aware of proper alignment of the body for better balance and flexibility,” Willman says. 


  • Woman’s Winter Retreat– Hope Springs Institute, December 7-9

“An antidote in the middle of the Holiday Season. Yoga, massage, meditation…relax and release,” she says.

There are one on one classes or classes limited to six people. 

Willman loves the way that people feel when they come to the studio. “After a class or session, people always feel much better than when they walked in,” she says. “They often grab a bite to eat or take out at a local restaurant or store and that good vibes are contagious.”

Main Street Yoga is located at 1201 Main Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 (entrance is on 12th street side/3rd floor), in Over-the- Rhine. To learn more, follow them on Facebook, their website (which is currently being redesigned), and you can contact Willman through email at or call 513-703-4175.