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Milk’d Nutrition

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Learn about the local business that recently launched to be a comprehensive set of services and products for expecting and new moms.

Milk’d Nutrition wants to help new or soon-to-be mothers with nursing.

There is a new business in the Cincinnati area that provides nutrition help to soon-to-be or new mothers. 

“Milk’d Nutrition is a comprehensive set of services and products to cover any and all bases for soon-to-be and new moms. Services start during pregnancy to provide a prenatal nutrition assessment (advice and plans on what foods to consume/avoid when pregnant), in addition to an initial breastfeeding class to provide information to a mom before she has her baby. Both of these services can be provided virtually or in-home,” Kayka Hansmann, Founder of Milk’d Nutrition, says. “Following birth and returning from the hospital, I’m available for extended visits at home to assess feeds and provide assistance when there is trouble or any questions. At this time as well, I can be consulted for guidance with lactation nutrition meal guidance or plans to transition back to a pre-pregnancy eating pattern.” 

Milk’d Nutrition launched their website in November of 2018 and started selling their products a month later. Products that are sold are their signature muffin cups, brownie and energy bites, lactation smoothie mix, and nut butter (almond and peanut). The food is created using whole, real and local ingredients whenever possible. “One of our biggest components is high-quality Bob’s Red Mill ingredients and a nutritional brewer’s yeast that provides a wealth of B vitamins,” she says. “These individual products can also be combined to form gift boxes to serve as a gift, baby shower present, or a welcome home surprise for a new mom,” Hansmannsays. 

There are only two employees working for the company, Hansmann and her mother. “She does 99 percent of the baking and I do all of the no-bake products, as well as the marketing, customer relations and behind-the-scenes fun,” she says. “We are also lucky to have a very helpful father who helps with deliveries and any miscellaneous tasks needed!”

The business was birthed from different skills that Hansmann had and wanted to blend them together in a single company. “Even before I received my Lactation Counselor Certification this past spring, I had been working with mothers out in the community,” she says. Hansmann also has been doing prenatal research since graduate school and her thesis was on the same subject. 

Hansmann’s business is unique because the products they sell are real food, provide good balance and are simple and delicious. “They’re made in small batches and our recipes have been tested and perfected by my mom, Chef Mel, with love and care! Not only do they taste good and have benefits to mothers, but all members of your family will want to eat them,” she says. “We also have one of the only lactation nut butters on the market, which is an exceptionally easy and quick way to weave the Galactogogues into any meal or snack!”

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