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A decade as a wedding planner led one local woman to pursue a new career in mental health. Learn more about her Montgomery-based business and how it can help you live your best life.

You personalize the default settings on your phone and apps, so why not your mind as well? That’s the idea behind Mindsettings, a Montgomery-based life coaching business.

“Mindsettings is the name of the life coaching business. It came from the idea that there are default settings on all electronics we use and we’re very comfortable going in and changing the settings so the device is helpful to us. But sometimes we forget to do that with our thoughts,” says Rachel Schwartzman Murphy, life coach and owner of Mindsettings. “If you don’t actively set-your-mind, life will continue to operate on default settings.”

Starting at the beginning of 2020, Mindsettings has office space in Olde Montgomery, “but I coach most of my clients virtually from all over the country,” she says. 

Rachel Schwartzman Murphy, Founder of Mindsettings

The inspiration behind Mindsettings came from her working as a wedding planner for more than a decade. “I was a full-service wedding planner for over 10 years and while I was working with my wedding clients, I would get very close with them and help them through the inevitable drama that would bubble up from wedding planning. Family tension, relationship conflicts and overall life changes were common conversations alongside choosing cakes and caterers,” Murphy says. “I found myself enjoying helping the families through those dilemmas more than the actual planning, so I started my life coaching certification. So now, not only do I coach on overall life matters and personal development, but I have a specialty program, Wedding Settings, created especially for brides.”

There are a couple services offered through Mindsettings, They include:

• One-On-One Coaching: “I meet clients once per week for an hour, virtually, and we work through whatever my clients are struggling with that is keeping them from living their best life,” she says. “That might mean working through anxiety, strengthening a relationship, making more money or just better self-care.
• Wedding Settings: “This package is designed around the most common stressors I saw brides deal with during wedding planning (family drama, budget, overwhelm, etc.) but often times we talk about beyond the wedding day and how to plan for dream life,” Murphy says. “With this specific program, I still meet weekly for hour-long sessions, but there is a workbook that clients can work through in between sessions and on their own that helps them with decision making, future planning and relationships.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic, her services are needed more than ever. “In many ways, COVID had people turning toward life coaching. With all of the uncertainty, rapid changes and fear, people are looking for additional ways to take care of their mental health and mindset,” she explains. “A healthy mindset is an awareness that we have control of our lives! That doesn’t mean that we’re always happy; I believe in an equal mix of positive and negative emotions to fully experience life. But, knowing that we can actually take ownership and direct our emotions and therefore, what our lives look like…this is an amazing mindset.”

Murphy says she hopes to see more businesses like hers in the future. “All communities need more mental health services. People think they need to have a major event or tragedy or diagnosis to seek out mental health support, but it’s just not true,” she explains. “When each of us can take ownership of our own mental state, we can then start taking care of one another at a much higher level.”

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