MOBO Mobile Medical Spa, LLC

MOBO Mobile Medical Spa, LLC

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Learn about the mobile medspa service that recently launched to offer Botox, fillers, peels, body sculpting, medical grade skincare and more through events, salons and home parties.

You’ve heard of food trucks and fashion trucks before, but how about a mobile medspa? Well, now you have with the recently-opened, Ohio-based MOBO Medical Spa, LLC.

“MOBO Medical Spa, LLC is a mobile medspa! We deliver high-quality medical aesthetics to the places where our clients are already going to receive beauty and body services. We do special events and parties, concierge services and also serve as a private label med spa for businesses that want to offer medical aesthetics to their clientele. This is different from a fly-by-night botox injector that may do botox in a salon here and there,” says Meg Fruth, Partner and Managing Director of MOBO Medical Spa, LLC. “We bring a complete menu of med spa services with us on-site wherever we go, and we have an impressive ratio of repeat clientele. Most of our locations are long-term arrangements where we are available to see follow-ups and book clients well in advance.”

MOBO is like a food truck, in that it’s always moving from place to place, Fruth says. “We currently have a regular presence at about 12 different salons and make-up studios throughout the state of Ohio, with even more being announced in the near future,” she explains. “We are also very excited to announce that our mobile clinic will be launching in January! Look out for MOBO on the road at your favorite salons, spas and other locations across Ohio very soon.”

MOBO began offering their services in mid-2017 in Columbus and have since grown statewide. “Our team of medical staff bring more than two decades of medical aesthetic experience to the organization,” Fruth says. Today, there are three Nurse Practitioners, one medical doctor and one Medical Aesthetician.

MOBO Medical Spa offers body sculpting, fillers, botox, and skincare.

Fruth says the business inspiration sparked from seeing friends overspend on anti-aging and over-the-counter products, while medical grade solutions could help more, for the same price or even less. “We asked ourselves why and identified a problem in the delivery- and the stigma associated with these services. We sought to come up with a solution for both,” she says. “Our goal was to make medical aesthetics safe and accessible to the every day consumer by bringing it to the places they’re already going for beauty services. We knew that if we could make med spa visits as easy and affordable as getting your hair done, more people would be able to see the results that we know are possible with high quality medical grade services.”

The name of the business came from explaining the business to family members. “One day over lunch, I was explaining the business concept to my family and my male cousin, who had been quiet the whole time, casually says, Mobile Botox…I would just call it Mo-Bo. The rest is history. The name also works for mobile body sculpting. And needless to say, he gets free ‘Bro-tox’ for life now,” she laughed.

There are a wide variety of services offered through MOBO, including Botulinum Toxin Injectables (Botox and Dysport), Dermal Fillers (Juvederm and Restylane), Chemical Peels, Body Sculpting, and Medical Grade Skincare.

The mission of the business is to bring treatments to the body that are safe and effective. “We also seek to build a loyal base of repeat clientele with whom we foster a trusting relationship, built on honesty and education,” Fruth explains. “There are plenty of people in this industry who will over treat a patient and take their money for a one time sale, even if it is the wrong treatment to address their chief concern. We pride ourselves on integrity and education, fostering long term relationships with our hosts and our patients.”

Fruth says this concept is the perfect concept for a salon not currently offering these services, or for someone interested in the convenience of treatments coming to your home to treat you and friends. “We bring the whole med spa and everything is on the menu. Furthermore, we keep coming back…so when you want to bring a new friend, or come back right before a big event, or get re-treated after your botox wore off…we’re there and so happy to see you. Most of our clients text, call and reach out on social media all the time just to check in. It’s really a close-knit tribe.”

To keep up with what MOBO Medical Spa, LLC is doing, follow them on their Facebook, websiteInstagram or call them at: (614) 768-MOBO (6626).