Morning Routine

Morning Routine

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Many successful people attribute their prosperity to a solid morning routine.  Our life coach columnist shares tips for creating one that works for you.

The choices you make that first hour upon waking may determine how you will manage your day forward. Many successful people all have a solid morning routine and they attribute a lot of their progress to this routine. Do you have an established morning routine that has you jumping out of bed in the morning? Or do you find mornings to be a challenge? You hit the snooze numerous times and bury your head under the pillow?

I know for me I look at other successful people and think what are they doing that I’m not? Is there a secret formula? So, I began the research and discovered that those individuals following a morning routine do gain greater control of their life having a morning routine. The research also indicated that they all do it differently! Yes, they are not cookie cutter approaches. They all discovered what they desired, implemented a plan, and developed a routine that met their personal needs and desires as well as fit to their morning schedule.

Yes, they had similar activities but in a different order, or even for shorter or longer amounts of time such as meditation, getting ready, or workouts.

From this discovery, I believe that if you want to start or improve a morning routine there are a few things to build into the development of your plan.

Mantra: “I am ready to make the morning count no matter what the day may bring!” This allows you to think differently about the morning and gives you validation you can manage your day.

New Belief: “one size fit all” –NOT. Sometimes we are “programmed” to belief certain things and this one my dear is not one of them. 

Decide: Experiment with options. Giving yourself permission to say yes to what feels good and no to what seems like a struggle.  The decision is yours alone and you choose based on flow and ease.

Action: After you define the habits you would like to bring into your morning routine take action. Begin with learning to quite your mind and doing the routine knowing you are boosting your productivity and success.

Remember: “A carefully choreographed morning routine is the key to a productive day”.

Sending Love & Light,