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Two buds are teaming up to raise public awareness about women’s health, empowerment, and healing. Learn more about their upcoming educational series.

Erica Caldwell and Whitney Pelfrey are the two behind Peach City, an organization dedicated to empower women.

Whitney Pelfrey and Erica Caldwell are the dynamic duo behind Peach City, an organization that focuses on the empowerment of women, the importance of mental, physical and sexual awareness, as well as hemp’s healing powers.

“After surviving our own battles, we became passionate about supporting women any way we can,” says Pelfrey. “After launching Tupelo House, Cincinnati’s first female-focused events space and co-working space, we knew we wanted to do more.”

That’s when Pelfrey and Caldwell set out on a mission to help spread information to women in regards to empowerment, wellness, and weed.

“We knew the right professionals who wanted to help, and we knew the women who needed to heal,” says Pelfrey. “So we created Peach City to bridge the gap between those hurting women and the knowledge of medical professionals – a conduit for responsible and intentional healthcare to Cincinnati women.”

Pelfrey herself says that her passion for healing goes back to her own traumatic experiences. She is a sexual assault survivor battling PTSD and wants to help others health through medical cannabis. “I’m also a huge advocate for breaking the incorrect stigma behind marijuana, and I believe it’s time we embrace the facts about cannabis and its medical miracles,” she says.

Caldwell also has a background with traumatic experience of her own – which is what made her a good partner to work alongside Pelfrey in the work they want to do together.

“Erica came from a physically, emotionally, and verbally traumatic childhood,” says Pelfrey. “Though times were happy she still battles her inner childhood trauma. As a healing adult she’s become passionate about the healing powers of CBD oil and cannabis while speaking candidly on the importance of sexual education and sexual wellness.”

Pelfrey and Caldwell want to help women and men to feel comfortable coming out of the cannabis closet, they say.

What makes Peach City stand out, aside from its already unique mission, is that they don’t hold back. “We will not tiptoe around difficult subjects,” says Pelfrey. “We are here for the women and men who need a support system they can trust to give correct information regarding empowerment, wellness, and weed. We have done, and will continue to do, extensive research, medical mentorships, educational courses, and bookings of medical professionals to bring empowerment, wellness, and healing to the Cincinnati community.”

There is a lot on the horizon for Peach City in 2019. In January, Dr. Roland of Lotus Health LLC will take over Tupelo House to host an educational series regarding medical marijuana. The educational series includes:

  • January 5 – Cannabis Truth & Lies
  • January 11 – Cannabis and Pain Management
  • January 18 – Cannabis and Sexual Health
  • January 25 – Cannabis Communications – coming out of the cannabis closet and how open use of cannabis can greatly benefit our families’ development, workplace environment, and society.

To learn more about the series, and to reserve your spot, visit

Additionally, Pelfrey and Caldwell will be launching a Potcast called Peach & Chong.

“We we’ll bring in guests such as medical professionals, educators, therapists, and even friends and family to talk about the good, bag, ugly, and pretty of this life,” says Pelfrey. “I will lead topics regarding strains of marijuana and their benefits as Erica leads in topics regarding sexual wellness.”

To learn more about Peach City, check them out on Instagram. You can also learn more about Peach City with a visit to its headquarters, Tupelo House.

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