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An idea to reconnect busy people with nature inspired this business that brings health, wellness and happiness to spaces one plant at a time.

Planthropy aims to reconnect people with nature.

The founders of this Ohio-based business turned their passion for plants into a profession. “Planthropy is a plant-based business with a passion to reconnect people with nature,” Jessie Laux, Owner of Planthropy, says. “We specialize in interior plantscape design.” The business is located in Columbus, Ohio and has been around for almost four years. There are currently three employees.

Planthropy offers a variety of different services. “We offer planting workshops, which are very hands-on,” Laux says. “During our workshops, we teach our guests about the plants they are working with, how to care for them and how to make an arrangement with them.”

The business also does Interior Plantscape Design. “We have a creative approach to plants in indoor spaces. We like to envision our plants as artwork,” she says. “We create living walls, moss walls and other interesting plant arrangements.”

Launching on November 23, Planthropy is going to launch a new line called, ‘Nature Frames.’ “Our Nature Frames are a smaller scale version of our full most walls and are perfect for home décor,” Laux says. “Each frame contains a variety of beautiful, lush moss and other natural elements which are real, but preserved so you never have to worry about maintenance. They will stay soft and forever green.” The line will be able to be purchased on:

Planthropy makes an effort to give back to their community. “Planthropy donates a portion of sales to local nonprofits and other charities. We are also helping to create healthy interior environments by implementing biophilic design,” she says. “We love supporting and partnering with other local businesses for our workshops and events. It’s a win for everyone when you get to share customers!”

The mission of Planthropy is “to bring the outdoors in and reconnect people with nature,” Laux says. She loves to see her clients get excited about the interior design they do with plants. “I absolutely love transforming a space and seeing the ‘wow’ reaction on a clients face. It is truly priceless and a way we define success.”

She loves to come back to work every day because she has the such a love for plants and gets to work with them each and every day. “It’s not just being able to work with them, it’s the creative freedom of making ‘plant art’. It’s fun, therapeutic and so rewarding.” 

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