Stems by Ratasha

Stems by Ratasha

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This local woman gives a rustic, handmade touch to your big day’s floral arrangements, and also teaches DIY classes.

Tasha Anderson has a passion for all things floral, design, and decorating. So she decided to take that passion and turn it into a home-based floral business: Stems by Ratasha.

“I have always loved flowers and beautiful things,” she explains. “So when my oldest daughter asked me to create her flowers and decorate for her upcoming wedding – in a year and a half – I could not refuse!”

Andersons says she didn’t even know she could put together a floral arrangement, let alone create wedding flowers.

From there, she was able to land a job at a florist and learned not just that she loves flowers and everything about them, but she also loved creating arrangements that were able to make people happy and make a space even more beautiful.

Stems by Ratasha DIY wreath-making class attendees with their creations

“I did create and decorate her wedding,” she says. “It was beautiful.”

Following the wedding Anderson gave up flowers for a few months only to realize how much she missed it.

“Instead of getting back into flowers right away, I decided to make fresh wreaths for my girls for Christmas,” Anderson says. “I posted them online, just to try and make some extra Christmas money, and it took off.”

She says she had 22 orders for her wreaths in just two weeks. “I couldn’t believe it,” she adds.

The holidays came and went and Anderson decided to take another break – this time until February.

“That is when I heard the voice inside my head saying ‘Stems,’ and I know I needed to do something with it,” Anderson explains. “Not sure what so I started posting pictures of my work and I slowly started getting orders for arrangements and planters.”

From there, she says, her requests moved into corsages and boutonnieres for school dances and then more weddings.

“Stems by Ratasha had been born,” she says.

On the winding journey that got her to where she is today, Anderson says that the passion for her floral business came from her father, who named her, and made her promise that if she ever did anything public in her life she would use her given name.

“Promise kept,” she adds. “Thank you, daddy.”

Anderson is a woman who didn’t take the traditional path to Stems by Ratasha.

She finds inspiration not only in her daughters, but in herself, for realizing her own passion.

“I had just turned 50 years old, you are never too old to learn a new skill and to live our your dream,” she says.

Aside from her floral design side of the business, Anderson also offers DIY floral centerpiece classes.

“The floral classes are a huge hit,” she says.

The classes teach people to create an arrangement that fits the season we’re in. She supplies the materials for students as well as the instruction.

“All I ask is that each person bring their creativity,” she says. “That way, together we can create an arrangement they can say ‘I did it,’ and are very proud to take home with them.”

Classes from Stems by Ratasha start right around $40 but vary depending on the arrangement size. Anderson says she tries to keep the classes affordable and hopes to soon open a larger area so that she can host even more students and a bigger variety of classes.

Wreath classes are also available from Stems by Ratasha, which are more labor intensive but still fun, and cost $40 per person.

Anderson says she’s currently working on a few new ideas for Stems by Ratasha, including a website and opening up a shop this spring and summer.

To learn more about Stems by Ratasha, you can contact her directly at 937-621-4569 or by messaging her Facebook page. Stems by Ratasha is also on Instagram.