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Learn to love your wardrobe again with fashion and style tips from a local fashionista.

Photo: Emma McMahan Photography

Throughout the years, Stephanie Sheard has always been there to help her friends look and feel good. Whether it was showing them what to wear, how to style certain pieces, or organizing their closets, she was there. 

Over time, she decided to take that help she was offering friends and turn it into a much bigger platform to help clients of her own. That’s when she launched StephStyle101, a fashion blog and social media account that’s aimed at providing practical and affordable fashion tips and styling advice that is fitting for any budget.

“My goal, through StephStyle101, is for women to look and feel their best, without the need to take out a second mortgage,” she says. “When a woman is confident in her clothes, everything changes – attitude, posture, and self-esteem.”

Sheard says she was always happy to help her friends, and enjoyed the joy they felt themselves when she was able to help them dig through closets and find new ways to wear their clothes, and continues to help others find that same joy in their closets. 

Sheard is the one-woman show behind StephStyle101. As a one-person team, it took a lot of courage to launch StephStyle 101, an idea that came about several years ago but didn’t come to fruition until nearly 3 years ago, when she really started pouring her energy into growing her brand through Facebook and Instagram.

Through StephStyle101, Sheard offers closet cleansing, personal shopping, and style inspiration services. 

“Prices vary depending on what is requested, but my fees are very reasonable, and my clients are always pleased with the results,” says Sheard. 

Not only do you get fashion and styling services from StephStyle101, but you’ll also find someone who really cares about you and the way you see yourself. 

“I do not push my clients or followers on social media to constantly feel like they need to be spending all their hard-earned cash,” says Sheard. “It’s so easy to get trapped into the idea of buying all the brand new seasonal-released fashions that most retailers promote.”

Sheard encourages her clients to utilize their current wardrobes to help recreate a style that they enjoy, way before she takes them to any stores. “Oftentimes, similar items exist in their closets and not a dime is spent,” she says. “But, through StephStyle101, I promote and teach individuals how to shop sustainable fashion – consignment stores, retail-resale, and yes, even thrift stores.”

While she continues to help clients, Sheard says that she’s been working to expand her business through public speaking engagements, where she shares her expertise on closet cleansing and shopping in a fiscally responsible manner. 

“I also cover where to snag the best deals, and talk about some of my favorite, budget-friendly purchases,” she adds. “Most individuals, I have discovered, are not even sure how to navigate a thrift or consignment store, so I share my tips for success, where others can learn to find those hidden fashion gems.”

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