Stop the Insanity

Stop the Insanity

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Dreading bathing suit season again this year? Our life coach columnist explains how to take a different approach to summer -- and your self talk -- this year.

Do you remember Susan Powter who captured our attention in the 90s with her weight-loss informercial, shouting “stop the insanity”? If not, google her and check out her message.

I bring this up because summer has arrived and what a sweet change to see more sunshine and longer days here in Cincy. All the outdoor activities begin – cookouts, swimming, baseball, camping, late night fire pits and such.  All those things you love and enjoy during the summertime.

Yet, there is another side of summer for many. The dreaded summer appearance of the out-of-shape and overweight body after you promised to yourself, once again, you’d be summer ready.  

Yet, the voice screams out, as you look into the mirror, how did I let myself get this way? Why didn’t I do more during the winter to get in shape and drop those pounds?

Sound familiar?

If this is you, get ready to be enlightened to a new way of welcoming summer into your life.

From my own experience I have ridden the up-and-down weight rollercoaster for most my life. But as I continue to age and get wiser, I have learned a few things that I want to share with you that I find to be true:

– If you focus on what you “don’t” want, you’ll get more of that!
– If you continue to tell the same story over and over …from the PAST, you keep it alive.
– If you don’t learn to love yourself as you are in this moment, you’ll fail from lack of love and not willing to change.

So “IF” you are willing to flip the switch from this never-ending merry-go-round and start from where you are, the story will shift, and results will be achieved! 

Start from here:

– allowing yourself to be in this moment and really see yourself in the mirror
– believing and trust that the person today in the mirror isn’t the person from yesterday and won’t be the same person tomorrow.
– open your heart to what you’ve manifested, the body vessel you live in, and say up until now this is where change begins.

Perhaps when you where little, there were rules like clean your plate, and here’s a cookie to make it better. Or as you got older, the gatherings included lots of comfort food and adult beverages. Then, there are those moments when junk food and chocolate just fills that void.

Does this resonate? 

When you know better, you’ll do better said Mia Angelo. And that really is what we are doing every day.  Learning. Listening. Following Others. Doing what they say is BEST.

Stop the Insanity! I invite you in this moment to STOP – give yourself permission to let all that advise, and recommendations go.  Allow yourself to be happy when you chose to eat and don’t criticize yourself afterwards.  If you put it in your body, then be okay with it. Otherwise, make a different choice. It really is that easy.

I coach others around mindfulness because it is one way to really understand how we constantly set ourselves up for failure because we allow the programming to take over instead of cleaning the “memory” and starting with a new programming technique. Much like a computer hard drive, erase and delete that old data and start today with new, powerful, motivating, and joyful programming which begins with being in the moment and that’s okay. 

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