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A new fitness facility in Mason provides a fun, unique and full-body approach to fitness. Keep reading for all the heart-pumping details!

A new fitness studio promises to bring a full-body workout and supportive community like no other to the Mason area this summer. “AKT is a full body workout that combines dance cardio intervals with strength and toning,” says Amanda Davis, owner of AKT Mason. 

While doors are opening this summer, building out The AKT has been in the works for a year. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, their opening was postponed. “We had a lot of events planned with local businesses to help spread brand awareness and introduce the Cincinnati market to AKT. Those were all cancelled. We are now starting those back up as we finish construction,” Davis says.

The inspiration behind The AKT came from the passion that Davis has for fitness. “I grew up a competitive gymnast as a child and have always had a love for fitness and health. I have had a corporate career running a technology sales team and always felt like my true passion was in fitness and health. I took the leap of faith and followed my heart. I really wanted to do something that I felt truly made an impact in the community,” she says. “I believe in overall health from a mental and physical standpoint and feel AKT embodies just that. I have four young children under eight and really wanted them to see that you can follow your dreams if you work hard and believe in what you are working for.” The name of the business came from the Anna Kaiser Technique, who is the celebrity trainer and founder of the AKT concept. 

The AKT will offer four different classes at their facility and they will be: Dance, Bands, Tone and Circuit. If you want to know more about the classes, check out their website. Davis says the success of her business will be defined by the attitude of her team. “Success is having a team that comes to work happy every day and excited to train our amazing clients,” she adds. “Having clients who want to come to our because they are getting the results they want and are having fun doing it. We love when members refer friends to join them!”

Davis’ vision for the business is to see her clients get stronger on the inside, as well as the outside. “My vision for the business is to create a space where people can come in and spend an hour sweating, dancing and getting both mentally and physically stronger with a supportive family-like community. “At AKT, we are all about community. We say, ‘Nothing prepares you for AKT, AKT prepares you for everything,’” she says. “I want every member to walk out of AKT feeling like they can conquer their day.”

Davis says AKT brings people together, no matter what circumstances they are going through and community is a major part of their business. “We want to bring every individual, regardless of your circumstance together for one common goal. To become physically and mentally stronger while having fun doing it,” Davis explains. “We want members to support each other, care about each other and create bonds that will last a lifetime.”

Davis says the workout provides variations that always keep you on your toes. “We are a dance-based workout that combines dance cardio intervals and strength and toning into one fully comprehensive workout,” she says.

Davis’ favorite part of the job is her team. “I love working with my amazing team to provide clients with a space they feel they can come to and feel at home,” she says. “I love meeting clients and hearing their stories. Understanding who they are and really getting to know them on a personal level.”

The AKT will be located at 5675 Deerfield Boulevard in Mason in the Deerfield Shopping Center next to Whole Foods. To keep up with what’s going on with The AKT, check out their website or you can email tem at: