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Inspired by the city, music, and his love for chocolate, a local business owner is offering up handmade, from-scratch products that’ll have your tummy wanting more.

Chocoholics, unite! If you’re a lover of handmade, from-scratch chocolates and confections then The Jammery is for you.

Ben Feinberg-Gerner, owner of The Jammery, says that he’s always been interested in chocolate work – so much so that he was the first Culinary Arts student at the Culinary Institute of America to petition to take the Chocolates and Confections course that is part of the separate Baking and Pastry school.

“After years spent in the restaurant and wine industries, I found myself coming back to chocolatiering over and over,” he explains. “A few years ago, I decided to make chocolate favors as a surprise gift for a college friend’s wedding.”

From there, he says, things snowballed and before long he found himself quitting his day job and launching The Jammery.

“As a craftsman, inspiration comes from any and everywhere,” he says when asked about his inspiration for starting a chocolates and confections business. “I really enjoy finding flavor combinations that walk the line between savory and sweet, like a lemon and fennel ganache or a green apple and celery pâte de fruit. Sometimes I look back to the classics and pay my respects to them and sometimes my creative energy is charged by seeing the work of my idols—from internationally known chefs like Francisco Migoya and Cedric Grolet to local mentors/beloveds like Shoshannah Friedman and Summer Genetti.”

Feinberg-Gerner is the chef, owner, filler of orders, and mail boy for The Jammery, while his partner serves as the unofficial taster-in-chief.

Sweets from The Jammery includes chocolates with ganache, gianduja, caramel, and fondant fillings. “This winter marked the release of the first pâte de fruit collection with flavors ranging from butternut ginger to pineapple vanilla to plum cardamom,” says Feinberg-Gerner. “Other confectionery work such as marshmallows and gummy candy are in the works for 2019.”

Although chocolates are a common buy for many people, what you’ll find at The Jammery is unique in every sense of the word. Each collection of chocolate is six flavors built around a theme – with no two collections being the same.

Feinberg-Gerner says that one collection was inspired by different places in the United States, one was all about the flavors of American childhood, a Valentine’s Day collection was about different forms of love, and one was about flavors associated with colors.

“With the exception of blood orange caramels and sea salt caramels, my work is ever-changing,” he says. “I want to highlight different flavors and textures in each box.”

Feinberg-Gerner is also supportive of local businesses and artists.

“Because chocolate is by its nature a tropical product, ‘local’ isn’t possible,” he says. “Instead, I like to highlight Cincinnati by collaborating with local businesses like Revolution Rotisserie, a recent event host that uses a cinnamon and ancho chile marshmallow in their seasonal cocktail, or by wrapping every product in a band of hand-marbled paper made by an artist here in town.”

A storefront is a long-term dream for Feinberg-Gerner. However, you can find The Jammery at pop-up events, via caterers like Eat Well, and private orders. You can also find the signature blood orange caramels in dark chocolate at Share Cheesebar in Pleasant Ridge.

Feinberg-Gerner says The Jammery will come back with a bang in 2019 after taking some time off for personal reasons in 2018.

“The plan is to once again be a part of the OFF Market and to get into more retail spaces,” he adds.

To learn more about The Jammery, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s happening in the kitchen, where you can find The Jammery, and what the day-to-day of chocolatiering involves.

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