The Pop Up BNB

The Pop Up BNB

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A Cincinnati-based couple is giving guests the ultimate glamping experience with their pop-up bed and breakfast. Read on to learn more.

Kelly Emilianowicz and her husband Andy are living the dream of traveling the country in a renovated motorhome. As full-time roadtrippers they wanted to give others the same experience they have every day so they launched The Pop Up BNB.

The Pop Up BNB is a luxury glamping experience that procures stylish and fully furnished pop-up accommodations for unique events, getaways, and backyard campouts.

Since they’re always traveling, the Emilianowicz’s pop-up is 100 percent mobile.

“Right now our business travels with us as we travel the country,” she explains. ”We setup, or ’pop-up,’ in a new location every few months. We call these short time periods ’seasons.’ Once we establish an area to operate for a particular season we open up that distance to a 60 mile radius, give or take. Sometimes people contact us wanting to charter our glamping services in a specific area, maybe a future vacation spot they’ve been wanting to discover, and that can sometimes determine our route and location as well.  We are completely bespoke and customize these experiences based on the needs and locations of our guests.”

When you stay with The Pop Up BNB you’ll get a luxurious experience, according to Emilianowicz.

“Included in every stay is a full-service pop-up and tear down of the fully furnished tent,” she says. ”Guests can expect to see luxurious and stylish furnishings as well as many camping items stocked for use during their stay. Each tent setup is completely customizable and items provided depends on the needs and specifications of our guests. While we do have  a plethora of ‘add-on’ items such as a welcome grazing board setup upon arrival or a fun outdoor movie night for the family to enjoy under the stars, we always provide a complimentary breakfast delivered tentside each morning. Which, of course, features hot coffee.”

Emilianowicz says that what makes The Pop Up BNB so unique is that the business is both completely mobile and completely customizable to suit the wants and needs of all their guests.

“If someone is wanting to be setup in a killer location for a family reunion next summer near Yosemite or this fall for a wedding near the ocean, we can feasibly do it,” she says. 

The couple says they love to travel and only need some advance notice to work out the details of a stay for guests.

The pop-up also offers backyard experiences, quite literally.

“We can setup at private residences for people who need the extra space to house out of town guests or people looking for a fun camping experience for the family in their own backyard,” Emilianowicz adds. “There is no one size fits all scenario for our tents, in fact there is not one single size that would fit because every guest is unique and their experiences should be likewise.”

To learn more about The Pop Up BNB, follow along on Instagram. To book a stay, send a direct message on Instagram or check out their Airbnb listing.

“There is no glamping experience too small or too big for us, just reach out and inquire,” she says. “We would love to illustrate your glamping vision.”