Turning a New Leaf

Turning a New Leaf

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Our life coach columnist explains how to overcome fear to enter the best season yet. Read on for more.

The saying goes “keep your eye on the prize,” especially when you are stepping out and starting to create something new for yourself. Maybe it’s a new fitness program, a new job, remodeling your home, or perhaps stepping into a new season of life. To be successful in any area of change requires some inside work. And the best way to begin is to overcome the fear and fall in love with yourself and life.

Overcoming fear is the most challenging.  This is when you know you really desire to make a change to the paralyzing feeling that keeps you stuck. Learning to release fear and replace it with love is the best practice I have learned that helps shift that inner voice.  

Let’s break it down. Fear and Love. Sounds like trying to mix oil and water. And yet, you experience it all the time.  For example, if you’ve given birth. When you learned to drive. Leaving home.  Getting married. The list is endless when you have experienced fear and love together.

My best example is riding a roller coaster. The excitement was soon taken away by the sound of the clicking the cart made going up the hill, thinking “oh no, what if it flies off the track” – hello, fear.  And then that first fall on the other side of the hill was pure bliss. And of course, the screams were the perfect mixture of fear and love. 

What allows you to connect with fear and love? Trust! When you can trust yourself to make the inside connection with your soul, knowing you are safe, and out of any situation good will come, you align with overcoming fear and tapping into the love.

Love is where you connect with your why, visualize the outcome or something better, and bring together excitement and love that neutralizes the fear. 

Don’t you owe it to yourself to stop being in fear and flip your script to loving yourself and life? Join me as I share important tips for you to enter the best season yet with the Turning a New Leaf webinar this Thursday at 8pm. RSVP at: www.cincy.live/events/leaf