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Uprising Food

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See how a former P&G’er recently ventured out on his own to launch a company that the keto community says is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

William Schumacher, a former brand manager at Procter & Gamble, recently decided to venture out on his own. He partnered with Blue Oven Bakery to launch Uprising Food, a company that offers the Keto Kube, a keto bread. 

The trend of ketogenic diets doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon and Schumacher saw it as an opportunity to serve those who follow the diet, in which consumers eat a low amount of carbs and foods high in fats so they burn fat rather than carbohydrates. 

Because the goal of the diet is to consume a lower amount of carbs, that means many of those who follow the keto diet are unable to eat bread. However, Uprising Food and its Keto Kube are changing that. 

“Uprising is a brand who is waging war against poor gut health,” says Schumacher. “We aim to make a dent in the fiber gap affecting 95% of Americans. It’s time to get folks some digestive wins and start turning the tide in favor of our good gut bugs. Our weapon of choice, arguably the world’s best tasting keto bread and possibly the healthiest loaf on the planet.”

Schumacher says that their bread isn’t appealing to just those who follow a keto diet. “The Keto Kube also works for those who want to slim down by avoiding wheat-based loaves, which typically contain refined flour that can cause blood sugar to spike,” he explains. “The Keto Kube is also gluten-free, which can attract people who avoid wheat because of medical conditions.”

Schumacher’s passion for launching something like Uprising Food came from his own passion for fitness. He says he baked more than 200 loaves of keto bread as he experimented with recipes to find what would work for him and the brand he wanted to launch. 

That’s when he got in contact with Mark Frommeyer of Blue Over to help develop the winning recipe, which includes baking powder rather than yeast and has other natural ingredients including egg whites, psyllium husk, flax, apple cider vinegar, salt, and water. 

“The bread produces 160 calories per slice, 6 grams of protein, and 11 grams of fat,” he says. “The loaf is 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep. That yields eight slices, or 1.25 pounds of bread.”

In addition to its loaf, Uprising Food is in the middle of launching a big push for The “Toast” Cleanse, a 3-day gut reset challenge using the Keto Kube. 

Uprising Food officially launched on January 4, 2020 after raising $250,000 from investors. A four-loaf package is $48. 

To learn more about Uprising Food, visit https://www.uprisingfood.com or follow along on Instagram.