Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen

Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen

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A new fast-casual restaurant using healthy ingredients to create quick meals just opened in Kenwood. Keep reading for more.

Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen recently opened a new location in Kenwood.

Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen has amassed quite the cult following in Kentucky and it just crossed the river with a new location in Kenwood.

According to Angela Anne Leahey, Marketing Coordinator and Hospitality Director, Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen is “a gourmet salad restaurant with seasonal, house-made soups and lemonades,” she explains. “The business has been around since 2014 with six different locations around the Tri-state: four in Lexington, one in Louisville, one in Cincinnati, with 100 people working between these locations.”

The inspiration behind Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen came from a passion to see people eat healthy on the go. “We wanted to bring wholesome, homemade foods to the fast, casual setting that allows busy people the opportunity to eat well on the go while also creating café environments where you can spend quality time connecting with people and bring the family for an easy, nutritious meal,” Leahey says. “We wanted something that communicated fresh and made in house, while also emphasizing salads.” 

The business defines success by the people they impact. “Guests, by serving great food with a hospitable environment; employees, by giving them an enjoyable place to work; the farming community, when we purchase their goods,” Leahey says.​

The mission of Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen is to see people eat healthy. “Our tagline is ‘Eat Well Today’ so looking back at our inspiration, I would also add to that we want to be available to people so that they can be the hero of their day, making wise food choices that make them feel good and ultimately taste good,” she says.

There are a variety of services that the business offers, including in-store and to go dining, online ordering and catering (with delivery). “Whether you are a single young professional, a parent of multiple children, a single parent or a business woman or man trying to impress a client- we have great food, with great service and you don’t have to compromise taste or quality,” Leahey says.

Working with as many local providers is also important, Leahey says. “We partner with local Kentucky Chefs, Ouita Michels and Sara Gibbs, which allows us the opportunity to create each salad individually and make small changes to the recipe that make it the perfect combination of dressing, toppings and lettuce,” Leahey says. 

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