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Wellness Collective

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Learn about a corporate wellness partner that increases wellness — for businesses and its employees — through a focus on health and happiness.

The Wellness Collective offers companies wellness programs that positively impact businesses and employees.

Health and happiness is the secret recipe to wellness for businesses, and their employees, according to this Ohio-based organization.

“We are a team of fitness and wellness professionals transforming lives through health and happiness. Our focus area is supporting employers-so we consult, design and deliver programs that positively impact businesses and employers,” says Katy Tombaugh, Founder and CEO of Wellness Collective. “This shifts the culture in a good way-improving not only health and happiness but also morale, productivity, connectedness, satisfaction and performance.” 

The business was established in 2007 and are wrapping up their 11th year. While they are headquartered in Columbus, they travel throughout Ohio. 

The inspiration behind the business was twofold. “I saw a need. I saw that employers were waiting to improve the health of their teams but that they didn’t have the training, expertise or time to execute the initiative,” Tombaugh says. “Additionally, employee health and well-being generally falls under Human Resources and there can be sensitive health-related information that employees may not feel comfortable discussing with their employer-nor should they.”

There was also a want for the Wellness Collective. “I wanted to be in a career that felt meaningful to me and impactful to others.  When I began supporting people in this way, I knew that I had discovered my mission. I then fell in love with business-so now it’s just a win-win. I’m creating businesses and shaping business and lives.”

There are a variety of different services offered through the Wellness Collective, including Platform,  Consulting and Program Management, Onsite Fitness, Educational Sessions, Campaigns, Coaching and Counseling, Events and Retreats and Well U. 

Wellness Collective has their own definition of wellness. “Wellness is more than healthcare. It’s more than knowing your numbers and the absence of illness. It’s more than disease management,” she says. “Wellness, to us, is a process of ongoing self-awareness, self-assessment and action that empowers you to show up as your best, most-satisfied self. From a high-level, our approach to wellness also focuses heavily on movement and nutrition, social connectedness, positive psychology and emotional intelligence, in addition to supportive healthcare habits.”

The success of the Wellness Collective is defined by “impacting health outcomes, shaping a culture of wellness and swinging people into action,” Tombaugh says. “So if we are able to measure this effectiveness and capture winning testimonials, we are celebrating success.”

The Wellness Collective is a great addition to the Columbus community. “Communities see ongoing challenges related to obesity, inactivity, and lack of mental health support. And within businesses, we see the same thing with the addition of Chronic Stress and excessive sitting, and sitting is the new smoking from a health risk perspective.,” she says. “People also struggle with motivation and self-regulation…and this is where Wellness Collective can step in. We are a positive presence able to support the physical, mental and emotional health of people everywhere. They take this information and skills back to their families and see a beautiful ripple effect.”

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