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    We chat with the local woman behind a new business that’s a “Beautique” and glam party on wheels bringing shopping, makeovers and empowerment to your front door.


    Wonderfully Made Beautique & Glam Parties Owner Kim Taylor (photo: Twin Spire Photography)


    Ready for a night that’s all about you? Looking for just the right outfit or skincare routine to boost your self-esteem? That’s what Wonderfully Made Beautique and Glam Parties is here for.

    Wonderfully Made Beautique and Glam Parties is a pop-up shop boutique that offers personal beauty concierge services and glam party packages. 

    “Our services include personal styling sessions and makeover/skincare applications and lessons,” explains Owner Kim Taylor. “We also offer an online boutique where you can shop and book your appointments.”

    All of the glam parties offered consist of shopping, makeovers, and even princess parties for kids, and are provided in the convenience of clients’ preferred locations. 

    Taylor says her idea for Wonderfully Made Beautique and Glam Parties came from her lifelong passion for fashion and self-care. She’s also been the go-to for her friends when it comes to her sense of style and her beauty regimens. 

    “This alone inspired me to want to uplift, empower, and educate women by sharing knowledge and helping them build their self confidence in finding their own taste of style, beauty, and fashion,” she says. 

    Years of working in retail educated her on working with women to help them build up their self-esteem. She also noticed the lack of knowledge when it came to selecting the right self-care regimens for their personal needs. “By observing these needs, this created an opportunity for me to structure a business with purpose,” she says. “Wonderfully Made Beautique and Glam Parties thrives on building personal relationships as well as serving others.”

    This platform, she says, is rare in the retail industry. Rather than focusing on sales like many big box stores, Taylor is able to help her clients look and feel good physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. 

    “This is what I enjoy the most, on top of personally selecting unique pieces,” she says. “In all, my main focus is to not only deliver excellent products and services, but to create a memorable, life-changing experience.”

    In addition to private pop-up glam parties, Wonderfully Made Beautique and Glam Parties also attends other events such as festivals, corporate events, concerts, girls night out parties, church events, conferences, and more. 

    Currently, Taylor is working on finding funding, sponsors, and investors to help her in expanding her business.

    You can stay connected with Wonderfully Made Beautique and Glam Parties on Instagram, Facebook, and by visiting www.wonderfullymadeiam.com