Ascension Holistic Healing

Ascension Holistic Healing

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Read on to learn about a business in the Cincinnati area that helps you to truly experience healing.


Eva Borho, Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing

Need to experience healing, but “traditional” methods aren’t cutting it? “Ascension Holistic Healing is a place where clients can receive intuitively guided life coaching sessions, reiki, and oracle card readings,” Eva Borho, Intuitive Life Coach, says. The business started when Borho offered free reiki sessions. “Through those free sessions and the intuitive guidance I gave to people, I could see the need to officially start Ascension Holistic Healing, “ she says. “When I moved to Amberley Village in 2016, I officially opened the doors for clients.”

When Borho started giving her free reiki sessions, she saw that many people need help in different parts of their lives. “Some people just require the relaxation reiki provides. Other people just need a nudge to know that what they want to do in life is possible or they want help to figure out how to manifest it,” Borho says. “A lot of people just feel stuck in some way. Reiki helps people see beyond received limitations and become ‘unstuck.’”

The name of the business came from the word ascension, which means “the act of rising to an important position or a higher level,” she says. “My goal when I coach a client is to help them reach a higher level of whatever aspect of life they choose.” When Borho decides to work with a client on a specific life issue, it takes a while for the process to unfold. “We approach the situation from a holistic perspective to bring healing into their life,” she says. “I want them to be the best version of themselves they can be at this time.”

Ascension Holistic Healing offers a few different services. The business offers intuitive life coaching and reiki sessions. “Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique which often provides health and wellness benefits, in addition to a sense of relaxation. For a typical reiki session, the client remains completely clothed only removing their shoes to lay on a treatment table,” she says. “Depending on the comfort level of the client, reiki is given by the gentle laying of hands or the practitioner can hover their hands over the treatment areas.”

The business is such an important part of the community. “With the fast-paced world we all live in, the more people make time to relax, the better they will feel,” Borho says. “Making an appointment to take care of yourself is always a good use of time.”

Borho loves Ascension Holistic Healing because of the flexibility and the freedom to serve people her way. “With my extensive knowledge of self-care and self-help, I can offer individualized solutions for clients’ everyday needs,” she says. Borho comes back every day because she loves to see the progress of her clients. Helping people better their lives is always great to see,” she says.

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