BLISS Heart Mind and Body Collective

BLISS Heart Mind and Body Collective

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Want to live a more balanced life in the new year? A new Hyde Park-based business with a range of wellness services can help you do just that.


BLISS Heart Mind and Body Collective is an integrated holistic Center in Cincinnati.

Do you want to learn about a business that helps center your heart, mind, and body? “BLISS Heart Mind and Body Collective is an integrated holistic center in Cincinnati,” Robin OK, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Active Dream Teacher and Creative Completion Coach, says. “We are a diverse, multi-professional collective of practitioners dedicated to enhancing an individual’s inner and outer well-being to live into their optimal potential- physically, psychologically and emotionally.”

The business opened last month on December 2, 2017. The inspiration behind starting the business was Arlene Aranzamendez. “She grew up in the Philippines and learned from her mother how to conceptualize, execute and operate a business. She has founded and run multiple businesses, most recently, ADORN USA, which has showcased her passion for jewelry design,” OK says. “In the past few years, she began to practice meditation on a regular basis and was also inspired to begin a chakra jewelry line. She recognized that she has a gift for intuitive healing practices and began to study alternative modes of healing. She was given a vision of creating a holistic healing space in what was once her retail store and over the past year, has attracted the team members and converted the previous retail space to house BLISS Heart Mind and Body Collective.”

The name of the business came from a discussion between the people of the business. “As a Collective, the team discussed what it was that the group was seeking to manifest in their work- both in the community and beyond,” she says. “Although each practitioner has their own modality, and skill sets, we determined that the ultimate goal was to help individuals connect more deeply with the experience of BLISS in their daily lives.”

Arlene Aranzamendez, Founer of BLISS

There are a variety of services that BLISS offers. These services include: Coaching, Reiki Healing, Ancient American Indian Healing, Chakra and Crystal Energy Healing, Rebirthing Breathwork, Mindfulness Meditation (Group), Laughter Healing (Group), Kundalini Yoga (Group), Shimmey Angels Belly Dance (Group ages 9-18), Blue Moon Gypsy Caravan Tribal Belly Dance (Group Adults), Sacred Satsung (Group), Creative Completion Coaching, Holistic Life Coaching, Dream Guidance, Master of Ceremony Guide, Spiritual Guidance and Aromatherapy.

BLISS defines success by having the members of the team living a balanced life in their heart, body and mind. “We believe that as we do our own work as individuals and experience this in our own lives, then we continually expand our capacity to share, heal, teach, serve and lead others in doing the same,” OK says. “It may sound counter-culture and counter-intuitive, especially as a group of healers to focus on our personal healing, well-being and transformation; however, how can we expect to help others grow if we are not ourselves, continually seeking to expand?”

OK’s favorite part about being a part of the business is connecting with the clients that come into BLISS. “Being given the honor and privilege of seeing people who are willing to address their pain and suffering and seek modalities to make a lasting beneficial change for themselves and their loved ones,” she says.

BLISS Heart Mind and Body Collective is located at 2716 Erie Avenue, 2nd Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208. To learn more, visit their website and follow along on Facebook.