Cincinnati Renewed Wellness

Cincinnati Renewed Wellness

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Learn about a Cincinnati-based business making an impact on the medical and mental health world, in Cincinnati and beyond.


Allie McLaughlin is the Co-Owner and Lead Therapist at Cincinnati Renewed Wellness.

There is a practice that wants to help people with their mental health. 

“Cincinnati Renewed Wellness is a mental health provider that consists of a multidisciplinary team of mental health and medical professionals. Our foundation is mental health,” says Allie McLaughlin, co-owner and Lead Therapist of Cincinnati Renewed Wellness. “We are passionate about providing individual health and wellness services to our clients to ensure that all aspects of the problem are being addressed and systems are working collaboratively together, rather than against one another.”

McLaughlin, along with her partner, Meghan Hewitt, who is the Nurse Practitioner, are located in Madisonville. The practice has been operating since June 2018. 

The inspiration behind starting the practice came from underwhelming experiences in the medical field. “Meghan and I met at a previous job and both felt patient care was not the priority. We recognized that mental health was not being valued and that our expertise in our field was being dismissed,” McLaughlin says. “We wanted to create a business that provided services that people needed and deserved. We wanted to create a place that valued the individual and addressed the unique and dynamic impact of mental health on our overall well-being.” 

The name of the business came from a conversation between McLaughlin and Hewitt. “We are both proud Cincinnati natives and felt passionately about integration of both eastern and western medicine to achieve total wellness,” she says. “We came upon the word ‘renewed,’ because we wanted to create a ‘renewed’ approach on healthcare. Once we had that, it just clicked and that’s how Cincinnati Renewed Wellness was born.”

The business defines success by empowerment and education. “We define success by being a company that effectively empowers and educates the community through discussion and exploration of mental health,” McLaughlin says. “Success is when our message is being heard and it motivates someone to seek help, no matter who they choose.”

McLaughlin and Hewitt each provide different services to their patients:

McLaughlin: She does all of the therapy.

“I see teens and adults that are struggling with a variety of mental health barriers, such as: mood disorders, trauma, sexual identity, life transitions, grief and addictions,” McLaughlin says. 

She provides therapy for individuals, families and couples. “I also plan to conduct groups throughout the year, which are centered on female empowerment,” she says.

Hewitt: She is in charge of prescribing medication to the patients for their psychiatric needs.

“We view medication as complementary to the therapeutic process and encourage all clients to be engaged in counseling with someone. It does not have to be Cincinnati Renewed Wellness,” Hewitt says. “We value and support our client’s choice in their therapy provider. Therapy first starts with the connection and strength of the therapeutic relationship and alliance.”

Cincinnati Renewed Wellness is unique because it connects the medical and the mental health world. “I think this is dynamic and business structure is steadily growing and gaining momentum in the area, which is wonderful because it shows that people are finally recognizing the importance of collaborative care,” McLaughlin says. “We are very proudly female owned and passionate about providing exceptional care to our clients/patients.”

This practice is important for the community of Cincinnati because mental health is something that we deal with on a regular and consistent basis. “It’s who we are and we want the people of Cincinnati to not be afraid to seek assistance. We are a safe place for someone to turn to during their dark days,” McLaughlin says. “We are a resource for community connection for treatment. We want to collaborate with other physicians to ensure people are receiving the services they need and deserve.”

Cincinnati Renewed Wellness is located right off of Red Bank Road, and their address is 4790 Red Bank Expressway, Suite 126, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227. To learn more, follow them on FacebookInstagram and their website.