Fit Food Stop

Fit Food Stop

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Wish there was a healthy and affordable option for food on-the-go? Get the delicious details about a new business in Oakley that offers just that.

Fit Food Stop is new to Oakley and offers healthy food in a unique setting.

Are you looking for a unique place in the Cincinnati area to find healthy food? Fit Food Stop, located in the Oakley area, is a food shop that provides all things healthy. All of the food offered at Fit Food Stop, from ham and cheese omelets to blackened salmon with vegetables and rice, are gluten free. “Alongside the prepared meals, we also offer healthy snacks and drinks,” says Sally Beiting, Store Manager of Fit Food Stop. “We don’t stop at the food, though, as we also offer personal nutrition guidance and meal plans.”

The shop opened on November 10, 2016, but the concept and recipes have progressed since February. The idea came from the owner, Anthony Maley, who lived in Austin, Texas for five years. While Maley was in Austin, he discovered similar stores in the area and was interested in the concept.

“When he moved back to his native Cincinnati, he realized the need for healthy fast food, and decided to open Fit Food Stop,” says Beiting. Their mission is to allow the Cincinnati community to live a healthy lifestyle, regardless of their work, family and travel schedules.

“So often, people sacrifice a healthy diet because there are more convenient alternatives, like fast food,” she says. “Fit Food Stop strives to be the intersection of quick, healthy, tasty, and affordable so that sacrifice no longer has to be made.”

When someone makes the decision to live a healthier life, Beiting says Fit Food Stop helps to remove barriers so that goal can be a reality. “Times are changing and people are prioritizing their health every single day,” she says. “By selling freshly prepared and portioned meals at a reasonable price, we help people save time and money. With those two factors eliminated, everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy life.”

Options at Fit Food Stop include prepared and portioned meals.

The success of Fit Food Stop is defined by helping individuals live healthier lives without it being a hassle to their everyday routine. “Everyone has the right to eat healthy food, and we want to make that convenient for others,” says Beiting. “If we can get people to view healthy eating as a sustainable lifestyle rather than a diet, we have succeeded.”

Beiting gets such joy out of customers coming into the shop. “When people come into the shop and say, “This is fantastic, I am so happy something like this has finally come to the neighborhood,” it makes us feel like we serve a purpose,” she says. “Talking to people who genuinely want to improve their health motivates us to provide them with the best nutrition and advice to help them achieve just that.”

If you want to keep up with what Fit Food Stop is doing, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for food and nutrition tips, which is updated frequently. Also, the shop has a website with a menu and contact information for the shop. You can also email them at or call/text them at 513-546-2555.