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Learn about a locally-based authentic living expert who creates interior and exterior spaces that are beautiful, healthy, and stylish reflections of the people who inhabit them.

Flourish by Design enhances environments so that you and your community can flourish.

One local lady is inspired by a desire to enhance environments so individuals and communities can experience life and flourish as they are meant to.

That’s why Michelle Andersen launched Flourish by Design seven years ago, and has been dedicated to design, creation and coaching ever since.

Flourish by Design’s office space is located downtown at 1628 on Garfield Avenue, “which is a gorgeous co-working space,” Andersen explains.

The inspiration behind starting the business was her desire to be her own boss. “I envisioned myself as an architect, but during the recession, architects weren’t hiring entry level designers. I started freelancing as a landscape designer and realized that I have a knack for working with clients, and I know I wanted to be my own boss,” Andersen recalls. “I just wanted freedom, and I wanted to be able to be creative. I eventually had enough clients to justify declaring what I was doing as a business.”

To Andersen, Flourish By Design is so much more than a job, though. “I always wanted it to be more than just design and that actually made a lot of sense, now that I’m offering coaching as part of the design. I wanted to have a name that is uplifting and it describes what I help people do, which is to help them feel beautiful,” she says. “I want them to be able to thrive in their lives, not just in their home, but in their life as a whole.”

There are a variety of different services that are offered through Flourish By Design. These options include landscape design and installation, interior design and instillation, private one-on-one transformative coachings, and packages that include both coaching and the design of your home or office.

There are a variety of ways that Flourish By Design defines success in their workplace, but success is truly found when projects are flowing, Anderson says. “We are working with clients that really benefit from what we have to offer, and that is just helping people feel beautiful. We are busy, but not overwhelmed. That is a really successful place to be,” Andersen adds. “It is really important for me to be continuously inspired, so I like to be invested and involved in the current projects, but also looking outward as to what is going to be next, and exciting for Flourish.”

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