Flourish Massage and Bodywork

Flourish Massage and Bodywork

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Learn about a locally-owned massage practice that started with one therapist, and now has two expansive locations in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.


Flourish Massage and Bodywork offers holistic health, preventative care, and customized massage treatment.

Do you need somewhere to escape to from the busyness, craziness and stress of your everyday life and just relax? The business is a “locally-owned massage practice devoted to holistic health, preventative care, and customized massage treatment,” says their website.

Flourish Massage and Bodywork, which opened in 2008, offers a variety of different services, such as: customized massages, couple massages, in-home massages, facials, Aroma Touch Treatment, and a Corporate Wellness Program. There are also special therapies: Hot Stone Massages, Prenatal Massages, Reflexology, etc. There are also some one month and six month packages that are offered. Also, there is a doTERRA Essential Oils. Flourish also offers Aromatherapy, Essential Oils Workshops, and the ability to purchase doTERRA oils.

“The company started with one therapist, and one room. The practice quickly grew to two rooms. Then, in 2011, Flourish opened its doors to a second location in Modo Yoga Cincinnati,” says the website. They are still in Kentucky right off of the Buttermilk exit. “We have now been open in our new location since February of 2013 and love the new space we have been creating with our clients.” The new location in the Cincinnati area provides a larger space for a variety of different treatments.

Flourish personalizes each client’s experience.

The Kentucky and Cincinnati locations also provide different products in their retail space. They offer gift cards, gift baskets, healthy goods. “We love helping out clients feel better and live healthier lives, and strive to empower you with the tools needed to feel your best and take health care intro your own hands. Our goal is to personalize our client’s experience by blending therapeutic massage, the use of essential oils and medical expertise to foster a vibrant and continuing sense of well being.”

If you want to schedule a massage or treatment Flourish Massage and Bodywork, you can sign up for one on their website. Flourish also has their own monthly newsletter where they talk about their special of the month, upcoming workshops, discounts that Flourish is having for the month, articles about health, etc.

Flourish Massage and Bodywork is located on 309 Artillery Park Drive, Suite 101, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky 41017. To learn more, you can visit on Facebook, and their website,  You may also email them at: office@flourishmassage.com or call 859-445-9570.