Going Green at Home!

Going Green at Home!

There are significant health benefits to having live plants in your home. Our wellness columnists share five things you should know about them and the best places to get them locally!


Fern in College Hill can help you find and even create arrangements that will bring healthy plants into your home.

House plants are filling up our Instagram feed these days, and there doesn’t seem to be a buzzier green than a succulent. Other than being a beautiful backdrop for a yoga pose or smoothie bowl, theres actually significant health benefits to having live greens in your home. 

The benefits are extensive, but here are the top 5 we think you should know about: 

1. Plants help you breathe easier. When you take a deep breath, your body absorbs oxygen, and releases carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite, specifically succulents and orchids, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, making the air in your home full of fresh oxygen to make you breathe with ease. 
2. They are a natural humidifier. Plants release 97% of the water they take in, so by putting a couple of plants together, you can increase the humidity of your home, which, in turn, will aid in preventing dry skin, colds, dry coughs and sore throats. I particularly like to keep plants in my bedroom, so that they can aid in hydration while I sleep.
3. They help you focus. Studies have proven that plants increase concentration and productivity by 15%. Place plants in your home office, or at your desk at work, to benefit from this trait and boost your effectiveness.
4. They improve overall health. NASA performed extensive research on the effects that plants have on an indoor environment. They were able to prove that houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in just 24 hours. 
5. They can remove mold from home. Certain species, such as the peace lily, are known for having this magic talent, and are recommended to be placed in bathrooms or damp areas of the home.  

Here are a few local shops in Cincinnati that can help spruce your home by providing you with healthy greens:

Fern is located in the College Hill neighborhood and offers a selection of meticulously curated plants. They also offer a variety of classes throughout the year, such as crafting a macrame plant hanger.

Tropical Foliage Plants is located in Delhi and has been operating since 1968. They are a wholesale supplier of indoor tropicals and potted blooming plants. 

Eden Floral Boutique is located in OTR and is known for their unique, beautiful potted plants. 

Meriden Peters and Molly McCafferty
Meriden Peters and Molly McCafferty are the co-fouders of CincyStateofBeing, a hub for all things health in the Queen City. The duo’s mission is to amplify the local health and wellness scene through sharing information on events, influencers, places, topics, and trends. Meriden has a background in mental health, public health, and positive psychology. She has completed over 16 teacher trainings in yoga, meditation, and mind body practices. Meriden has worked to teach positive behavior change to a wide variety of groups and individuals including NFL teams, corporate professionals, teenage girls, moms, medical students, and mental health professionals. Molly is a Cincinnati native who was raised with a strong grasp of the local health and wellness landscape. Molly’s professional background is in sales. She has always loved health, and finds exercise to be to the one hour of her day that she gives to herself. Molly is a trained yoga sculpt instructor and believes it’s truly amazing what you can accomplish when you get your mind out of the way. Together, Molly and Meriden strive toward the ultimate goal of helping Cincinnatians, including themselves, be and feel healthier.