Julie Lusk’s Yoga Slumber Party

Julie Lusk’s Yoga Slumber Party

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The holidays can be busy and stressful. Learn about a local yogi’s upcoming retreat for women to enjoy yoga, friendships, and refreshing relaxation time.


Julie Lusk’s Yoga Slumber Party is a bi-annual event that brings women together for yoga, friendship, and relaxation.

Do you want to experience an event with a community of women where you get to feel relaxed? Julie Lusk’s Yoga Slumber Party is “a bi-annual sleepover for women to enjoy yoga, friendships, and refreshing relaxation time,” Lusk, President of Wholesale Resources, says. “It’s a time to get replenished with joyful energy. We have people come with no yoga experience to those who are accomplished yoga teachers.”

Lusk says they started having two per year starting in 2003. “That’s 15 years and 30 yoga slumber parties,” she laughs. With space for only 36 women, the event is happening at the Jesuit Spiritual Center, which is located 17 miles east of Cincinnati in Milford.

“The Jesuit Spiritual Center gives us almost 40 acres of magnificent acreage along the Little Miami River. There is a labyrinth and walking paths to enjoy,” she says. “Our building has a beautiful room for yoga, and a lounge with a fireplace to enjoy. Delicious food is served in the dining hall — they even do dishes for us! Everyone gets their own private bedroom with a sink. It’s perfect!”

Julie Lusk of the Julie Lusk Yoga Slumber Party

Lusk has more than 40 years of expertise in stress relief, yoga, relaxation training, guided imagery and meditation as an international author, recording artist, and workshop leader. She is the author of “Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief, Yoga Meditations, two volumes of 30 Scripts for Complete Relaxation, Imagery, and Inner Healing, and Desktop Yoga®.” She also has several CDs out, including Yoga Nidra Essentials, Wholesome Energizers, Power of Presence, Blue Moon Rising, and many others.

There is a lot that goes into planning the Yoga Slumber Party. “A theme is selected. Then yoga sequences, music, readings, and creative activities are specially planned to complement the theme,” Lusk says. “Taking out time foroneself is always encouraged.” The theme has not yet been selected for the upcoming yoga slumber party for January 27-28, 2018. There will also be another Yoga Slumber Party happening August 11-12, 2018.

For the Yoga Slumber Party, people can expect “a break from one’s routine to gain a new perspective, inspiration and motivation to live life more meaningfully and fully,” she says. The event is great for the community of Cincinnati because it’s nearby,” she adds. “The Yoga Slumber Party is the perfect way to get all the benefits of a retreat without the expense and time needed to travel.”

If you want to register for the Yoga Slumber Party, visit the Wholesome Resources website.