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Learn about a woman who pivoted her catering business due to COVID to spread joy and happiness through family comfort foods.

There is a business in Anderson that wants to help people experience joy during the trying times we are in. “Oink! Is a craft service and catering company that was established to meet the food needs of feature filmmakers. That has all changed,” says Pamela Ford, Owner of Oink. The business is located at 1119 Sutton Road, Anderson Township, Ohio 45230. “The catering component and the LLC was established January 2020,” she says. “The craft service side has been in place for over seven years.”

The business name came from prior work experience that Ford has. “When I was the media coordinator for Jack Rouse Associates, I enjoyed all of the creative one verb names of our clients and thought that Oink fit well for a Cincinnati food-based company due to our relationship with pork product processing,” Ford says.

Oink has been offering Daily Meal Pickup throughout this time of COVID 19 pandemic. “Oink started offering family comfort foods for pick up each day. Customers place their orders by 8pm the night prior and can pickup after 4pm the next day. They text when they’re on their way and I set items out on a table in my front yard or in the back of my car in my driveway for a contactless pickup experience,” she says. “Oink has been able to alleviate the stress of shopping and meal preparation for my clients who were concerned about their elderly parents contracting the virus. Instead, they opted for meal pickup Oink! Pickup provides the opportunity for people to get out of their house and have some contact with a friendly face. Oink! offers affordable food for unemployed and employed alike.”

During the pandemic, they have also done so much for the community. Along with their Daily Meal Pickup service, they have “partnered with Sadie Blossoms to offer floral Fridays. $25 mason jar floral arrangements to spread happiness. With the sale of each cookie dozen, we also purchase masks from CriKettCreations out of Brooklyn for anyone who needs them,” Ford says. “Panda foods, a local produce company, delivers produce for us every two weeks, which we offer for cost and one week- a sponsor covered that cost so we offered free produce. In one week, Oink! raised $350 to feed three families in need of food. 

Additionally, an anonymous supporter asked if they had pets and provided pet food for these families as well. Oink! sees a need within the community and responds to that need. It’s a daily call and response and it feels guided by spirit.”

If you want to know more about what Oink does, check out their website and follow what they’re doing on Facebook.