Paleolicious Cafe Opens in Scripps Center

Paleolicious Cafe Opens in Scripps Center

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Read on to learn about a Paleo catering service that now offers quick, healthy food options at a new downtown cafe location.

Paleolicious recently opened a new cafe in the Scripps Center lobby.

Wish you had time to make healthy food? Paleolicious might have just the solution for you. 

Paleolicious is a gluten-free and Paleo primal catering service located in the Cincinnati area. They also just opened a new cafe in the Scripps Center lobby to give downtowners quick, easy and healthy food on-the-go. 

The founder, Rebecca Denney, previously worked in the corporate world and was looking for something that made her want to go to work everyday. “One of the things I enjoyed most about having more time was that we didn’t have to eat out so much and I could cook more organic meals. I started shopping more at farmer’s markets and got to know local food artisans and I loved it,” she says. “From a more organic lifestyle, I found Paleo. When I was strictly following a Paleo diet, I lost 30 pounds and felt amazing. My background in food service and my love for entertaining made me certain that I have found my mission.”

Rebecca Denney, Founder of Paleolicious

In an American diet, she adds, there is a bunch of junk that we don’t need to put into our bodies. “Whether food dyes, preservatives or the excess of sugar, it is just a simple and healthy way to eliminate toxins from the body that are causing all kinds of problems in our health,” Denney explains. “I also love that by supporting local business and farmers, there is an opportunity to help your neighbors and city too.”

The name of the business came from a tag line. ‘I kept gunning about the tag line ‘because healthy food should always be delicious,’ so put Paleo and ‘licious’ together. I walked around for days asking people what they thought of the name, for me it stuck,” Denney says. 

Paleolicious offers catering services to any event, from weddings to box lunches, breakfast to dessert. They also offer meal planning services. The Scripps Center location is open is open Monday through Friday, 7:30am-3pm. 

“At Scripps, we offer a full service espresso bar, including bulletproof coffee, frittatas, muffins, donuts, sweets and also, soups, salads and lettuce wrapped sandwiches we call ‘greenwiches. We also have lots of little snack packs and parfaits,” she says. “Some of our items are ‘practically Paleo,’ usually because they include dairy or organic cane sugar, but we mark those so there’s no confusion. All soups, salads and dressings are made from scratch and follow the same guidelines.” 

Find Paleolicious in the Scripps Center lobby in downtown Cincinnati.

The business is trying to stretch into the vegan and vegetarian world, as well. “I made a Morrocan Carrot Soup last week that was vegan, delicious and sold out very quickly,” Denney says. “We have offered dinners for delivery and pick up in the past and are considering offering that at Scripps as well.”

Paleolicious defines success by seeing her customers try something new and love it. 

“The biggest compliment is for someone to say that you don’t have to be Paleo to love our food. Our regular customers who come back again and again make it all worth it,” she says. “When people talk about how they have improved their health and how happy they are to have a place that understands their needs, I know I am doing something worthwhile. Doing this alongside a team who is enjoying what they do everyday is important too.”

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