RAW Intervention’s Trinidad Mac-Aucliffe

RAW Intervention’s Trinidad Mac-Aucliffe

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See how one of Cincinnati’s healthiest women turned her passion for raw foods into a new healthy food service, catering and delivery program.


Inspired by a love for all things vegetables as well as the inclination to eat healthy, Trinidad Mac-Aucliffe launched her very own high raw + vegan and gluten free business Raw Intervention.

Another inspiration for Raw Intervention was Mac-Aucliffe’s passion for the concept of raw food. “The sprouting, soaking, marinating, fermenting, etc. All those ways to bring the life force of the foods to your body with great flavors is like an endless supply of goodness,” she says.

At Raw Intervention, Mac-Aucliffe uses natural methods to create alkalinity, to add probiotics and nourish the body. “It’s what I call the alchemy of foods, and that is one very important principle here at Raw Intervention,” she adds.

Mac-Aucliffe says she was always inspired to eat healthy. But it wasn’t because she knew those foods were healthy, she says that it was the flavor of the foods she always liked. “I always cooked for myself a lot but when going out I found it difficult to find 100 percent clean eats,” she says.

Then she had children and things got a little busy. She was attending the University of Cincinnati for her Masters in Fine Arts. With a busy schedule and less time for shopping, she knew she needed to do something herself.

“In my search for good foods I found that a lot of vegan or vegetarian foods and dishes were loaded with chemicals or preservatives, and the staple of soy by-products was standard in both vegan and vegetarian cuisine,” she explains. “Food, in general, is full of sugar, even so-called healthy wheat breads, which takes us to the other issue of gluten intolerance. It was then that my quest began. I saw clearly there was an issue and I wanted to be part of the solution, therefore I wanted to create a business that brings 100 percent nutritional value with none of that other stuff.”

Trinidad Mac-Aucliffe, Founder of Raw Intervention
Trinidad Mac-Aucliffe, Founder of Raw Intervention

Mac-Aucliffe decided to fight through the bad stuff in food and create her own good-food business, which led to the birth of Raw Intervention.

“Raw Intervention has a weekly delivery program called Collective Delivery, which consists of a four-item menu box for a fixed price of $65,” she explains. The menu is posted on Thursday afternoons on our Facebook page and we take orders until Saturday morning, with delivery on Tuesdays. We have a la carte desserts to add to your order and will be offering other goods throughout the year, such as loaves of amazing, healthy sprouted breads, wonderful layer cakes and pies, and lots of other yummo food!”

Mac-Aucliffe says that Raw Intervention also caters small parties and creates educational programs that are focused on food preparation and nutrition as well as simple ways to implement better eating habits into a lifestyle.

Mac-Aucliffe says her goal through Raw Intervention is to keep the integrity of food, share it, and help to nourish humans in the process.

“I want to share food that is healing as well and will help you and me reset our bodies (metabolism) and integrate a sense of well being and vitality in our lives,” she says. “Raw Intervention food is here to help balance, align and alkalize the body and therefore take guilt out of the equation.”

Mac-Aucliffe says that Raw Intervention brings clients nutritional value, which is lacking in many foods today. She says that just because a label says vegan or gluten-free doesn’t mean it’s healthy. However, Raw Intervention does bring the healthy benefits of food to customers.

“By taking the time to utilize methods of soaking, sprouting and marinating to make our breads, tacos, pizzas, sauces, dehydrated nuts, salad dressing, and desserts, we bring life force food to people,” she adds.

The future is looking bright for Raw Intervention. Mac-Aucliffe says that she is focusing on growth to expand and develop her business.

To learn more about Raw Intervention, visit rawintervention.us.