Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Our plumbing expert is sharing how you can unclog those pesky drains without spending a fortune.

Slow drains in the house are more than just a pain, they can cause unpleasant smells in your home and even lead to expensive repair costs. 

Oftentimes, these slow drains are due to a sewer clog or backup, so we’re sharing the benefits of how a professional drain cleaning can help.

Sewer Clogs 101
Drains in the bathroom are typically due a combination of soap scum and shed hair, both of which go down the sinks and showers every day. Kitchen drains are often clogged up by food debris and cooking grease, which can leave behind a nasty smell. 

But one reason for a drain clog you may not have thought of: tree roots. If you have trees or shrubbery growing near your sewer main, you’re certainly at risk of the roots infiltrating your pipes in search of water and nutrients, thus leading to a backup of your pipes and drains. 

Time to Call in the Pros
A plumber can look at your pipes and determine just how bad the clog is, and where it’s located. Thanks to video camera technology, you won’t need to dig anything up unless that’s the only solution to your problem. 

Once your plumber knows the cause of your issues, they can suggest treatments such as hydro-jetting your pipes and drains. Other options for drain cleaning include a combination of chemicals, acid cleaners, or oxidizing cleaners that can break down whatever is holding up your pipes so that you can get things flowing again. 

Another often used method is a snake. This is one way to work on treating your clogged drains without putting harsh chemicals and products through your pipes.