Home Improvement: New Year Resolutions

Home Improvement: New Year Resolutions



Happy New Year, and now it’s time to tackle those resolutions of what to change this year! Some of the old standards are exercise more, lose weight, save more. Some people aspire to learn a new skill, travel more or spend more time with their families. Whatever your dreams or plans for this year, use the many resources available to you to make it a reality.


As a subscriber to Cincy Chic you have an abundance of resources at your disposal. HomeServicesLink is just one of many that can provide you with a variety of options to achieve your dreams. So, let’s take a look at a few resolutions and how our resources can help starting with that very common one of losing weight and exercising more.


You have several paths you can take. You could join a gym to have access to an exercise facility and personal trainers. Our client members can join TriHealth Fitness and Health Pavilion at group rates. You could convert a spare bedroom or other surplus space in your home into an exercise room utilizing one of the many contractors at your disposal through HomeServicesLink.


What about saving more? Our client members have access to a wide range of discounts and special offers from contractors, local entertainment, fine dining and recreational facilities in the area. In addition to these savings, many of the other feature columnists provide great values to our readers.


Helping you spend more time with the family is right up our alley. Use our services to handle many of those time-consuming home repair and maintenance items that you dread after a hard week’s work. Free yourself for more leisure activity like a bike ride or round of golf along with time to spend at your children’s many events.


If your dreams are more extensive, like learning to be a chef, HomeServicesLink can help you create that new kitchen you will need to prepare your culinary masterpieces. Whatever your resolutions for the new year, there are many resources available through Cincy Chic to make them a reality. HomeServicesLink can be reached at info@homeserviceslink.com or 513-271-1888. Happy New Year!