Home Improvement: You’ve Got the Power

Home Improvement: You’ve Got the Power



Did you get some cool tech toys for Christmas? There are probably some really great sales to step your home up a notch or two, making it more convenient. What are some of the latest trends in technology available to consumers, you ask? Where do you begin?


You could look at the recent popularity of 3D and HDTVs that are becoming as thin as your new iPhone. Maybe it is the trend that all this technology out there is getting better and the prices continue to drop. Add to that the current explosion of people wanting and being able to control everything from everywhere, and you have some interesting trends developing.


The days of technology being expensive and complex are steadily becoming but a memory. More and more products are coming to market, which offer the value and simplicity folks are looking for. Custom home control used to be reserved for the wealthy. Now with the help of products like Control 4, the days of needing to be a multi-millionaire to afford a control system and a rocket scientist to understand it have come and gone. With affordable home control systems like Control 4, we can enable your iPad or smartphone to control audio, video, lighting, HVAC and doors, including the garage door.


And the trend toward faster cell phone networks and the growing number of Wi-Fi hot spots allow you to maintain control (no pun intended) while on the go. Now you can send a signal to turn down the thermostat, turn off the lights and lock the door – the one you forgot to lock while running late this morning – from your phone or iPad.


Having the ability to send this signal just ensured your home is secure and saved you a little money on your utility bill. And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take saving money, even a little bit, anywhere I can get it.


As trends in home control have changed, so have trends in other areas such as controlling and listening to music. In my day, the cutting-edge technology for listening to music was a CD player. I am not seeing too many people buying CD players these days. Instead, we use Rhapsody or that little-known company and its iTunes software. iTunes allows us to download, control and listen to all of our favorite music from a computer, iPhone or iPad. Add a company like Sonos to the mix, and you have a very affordable, easy to control audio system that will work with all of these and many more.


From the way we listen to music to the way we interact with our home, the current trends in technology have enhanced our lives. A client once asked me when he would be able to have a Jetson’s home with all of the futuristic marvels. Well, aside from having a robot for a housemaid, we’re getting closer!


This week’s feature was provided by our audio, video and home control industry expert, Brian, a 15-year veteran in the field. If you would like to tap into his vast array of knowledge and experience, just drop us a line at info@homeserviceslink.com. He can also help hook-up that new equipment you got from Santa. Brian is offering free in-home consultations to all HomeServicesLink clients.