Live and Play Cincinnati

Live and Play Cincinnati

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Beverly Corsmeier

Selling a client’s home isn’t just a matter of putting a sign in the yard, a lockbox on the door and the listing in the MLS. These are only the very basic functions when beginning to sell a home.


In the past five years, the entire world of communication has evolved into a mass of social media, networking and new way of thinking, doing and being a professional in real estate. With the crash of the economy over the past four years, the market has taken a hit on home values across the nation.


Most people have purchased a home with the expectation of it being an investment of their very hard earned money and was/is expected to yield a return. In many cases, due to the housing market and buyer expectation, selling a home is extremely stressful and may not bring the value a seller wants. My nature is to face a challenge head-on and find creative solutions to help people achieve their goals. Research, tenaciousness and optimism helps to keep me on a path to help my clients reach their goals. This isn’t to say that my clients don’t have to be realistic, but I give them facts to work with and 110 percent of my efforts.


In the video below, I discuss my vast knowledge of Cincinnati. This isn’t just social events and locations of cool places – which, of course, I do know and love. It’s also the neighborhoods and different cultures in the sense of an urban versus suburban environment, access to parks or playgrounds, driving distance to the nearest grocery store or the time it will take to get to a place of employment. In fact, I was recently honored to be on a city bus tour with Mayor Mallory and a group of select agents to learn about existing and future developments across the Tri-State.


I also developed a website you might enjoy: It’s not as a “real estate” website, but instead, it’s an information hotspot. After living in other parts of the United States, the one thing I found difficult with each move was learning the various neighborhoods within a metropolitan area, and what to do in each. I often wondered why there wasn’t an easy way to get an unbiased opinion of different suburbs and what areas were suited to my personality. That’s what I strive to offer with this site and I hope you enjoy it!


Representing buyers is a joy in this business. Whether finding them a new place in their hometown or giving tours of the entire Cincinnati area to someone moving in from out of town. Yes, my car has 300,000 miles on it out of love for what I do. It is very important to leave no stone unturned and to be sure a buyer has the knowledge to make their own informed decision.


If you are looking for an agent that works for you, truly cares about building relationships and not just about making a sale, I would like the opportunity to meet you and for you to get to know me. My profession is based primarily on referrals and constantly seeking new clients. I’d like the opportunity to impress you with knowledge, integrity and drive to succeed.

Please watch the webcast below as I chat with Cincy Chic‘s Amy Scalia, and feel free to email me at if you have any real estate needs. I look forward to hearing from you!


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