Real Estate: Buying Rural

Real Estate: Buying Rural

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Imagine, the sound of frogs, the sight of twinkling across the yard and into the trees from lightning bugs on a warm summer night, stars extra bright from lack of city lights, wildlife everywhere, serene mornings with a cup of coffee on your porch as the sun comes up with nothing to hear but the first sounds of nature as they wake …ahhh, living in the country!


Many buyers are unaware of the special financing available for rural home purchases. Click here to learn more about USDA Rural Housing Loans.


With more and more companies allowing employees to work from home it might makes sense to look to the rural areas for a home. There are some gorgeous properties in the outlying counties ranging from very low price points to very high. Mind you, the government has designated specific areas which qualify for a USDA loan. Click here to look up property eligibility.


A quick note: Banks do not like to lend on acreage or on used mobile homes. Both of these will increase the need for creative financing, increased down payment and an agent who knows how to get you to the right lender. Mortgage lenders all have specific financing programs. These programs can change constantly. If you have good credit and an acceptable debt to income ratio it is a matter of finding the lender that has the program that fits your needs. Be sure to work with a real estate agent that is on top of the ever changing world of mortgage lending. I am an eternal optimist and I know that if there is a will there is a way to accomplish anything. As an agent, it is important that I know as much as I can about financing and what lender or program can best serve my clients. The loan officer is the expert, but it is my job to get you to the one that best fits your needs.


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