Real Estate: Man Cave Must-Haves

Real Estate: Man Cave Must-Haves

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When thinking about this whole notion of “man caves” I realized that it’s actually a pretty cool idea. I got a little jealous and wanted to start a trend of “girl caves”…then I realized that my entire house is a girl cave. So ladies, let’s give the boys their own space for doing boy things so we can keep our seven rooms worth of “girl caves.” What exactly does your guy need to have guy time with the guys? Take a basement, office, or garage and add these easy man cave must-haves. Voilà! A spot for the boys and a little peace and quiet for you in any girl cave room of your choosing!


1. Manly Paint – Drinking beer and playing video games is a guy-time activity best enjoyed in a room of blues, greys, or your guy’s favorite color…not grandma’s old floral wallpaper. Take the time to paint and make the space his! Also, this is the place for hanging Miller Lite signs, sports memorabilia, and singing fish. Embrace it! And then close the door.


2. A refrigerator – Men like to eat and drink. This is a pretty obvious man cave must-have but if forgotten could be catastrophic. And after one of your girls’ day shopping sprees, it might not hurt to stock the fridge with beers and beef jerky.


3. Technology – Whether he loves watching the game on a flat screen or reading poetry on his Kindle, let this be the place where he can do it! Some other great tech treats for him are Garage Band, his Xbox, or an iHome. Let him game, jam, or pretend to be an NFL player all he wants and as LOUD as he wants!


4. Games – Adults love games, too! A poker table, pool table, dart board, or miniature bowling are great additions to the man cave. It might even make you want to sneak in and throw a strike or two when he’s not home!


5. The world’s most comfortable couch – That disgusting, broken couch that he’s had since college and smells a bit questionable? If it’s his favorite seat just grab a slipcover and put it in the man cave. Okay, maybe don’t let it go THAT far, but make sure there is plenty of comfortable, easy-to-clean seating for him and the boys to enjoy their time without having to worry about spills and stain-removal.


While “man caves” allude to the idea of a get-away for him, get involved in the creation process. It’s surprisingly fun to see how a guy defines the “perfect room.” It might not be color palettes and patterns, but he’ll appreciate the space and you’ll have the coolest spot in the neighborhood on game day!